How to Create A Zombie Sketch

Let me show you how to draw a zombie sketch using a pencil and a piece of paper. Nothing fancy, nothing spectacular. Just a simple illustration that uses techniques that are easy to implement. 

zombie sketch

First, drawing hard lines to get a global idea of the illustration.

Simply draw a long oval shape to illustrate the head and two lines inside to help you locate the facial elements. You can also draw a neck and part of the shoulders.

zombie sketch

Time to add some elements on the face of the character.

Once the head is roughly drawn, I like to add the eyes, the nose and the mouth. I will build the rest of the head around these elements. Eyes can be round to depict how desperate the character is.

An open mouth and a bottom shot of the nose are also a good idea to increase the dramatic effect of the illustration.

zombie sketch

Working on the lines around the head.

Now that the face is getting easier to read, you can work on the lines around the head and on the ears. As you can see, the chin, the cheeks and the forehead are now easy to read.

zombie sketch

Adding details inside the head.

Time to have fun! You can draw the pupils, the teeth and the nose using hard lines inside the zombie sketch. You can also work on the top of the head and create a hole and make the brain visible. A few lines on the neck can also be drawn to illustrate holes in the skin.

zombie sketch

Darker areas to add more contrast to the cartoon character.

Our goal is to end up with a nice illustration filled with details. It's now time to fill some areas with darker colors. You can fill the inside of the mouth, around the eyes and the ear with dark shapes. 

On the neck, you can make the holes more visible and add some lines near the bottom of the ear. It could also be a good idea to erase the original shape a little bit since the oval template is not needed anymore.

zombie sketch

More details on the brain, the eyes and the mouth.

The brain was not visible enough, so don't hesitate to add more lines and darker areas. Make sure the path is clear and easy to read. On the eyes, you can draw lines and add subtle shadows around the pupils to increase the effect. The mouth can be darker.

zombie sketch

More lines to create textures and depth.

Most details are now present on the zombie sketch. All you need to do is draw more lines on various areas to create more textures, more depth. Lines can be added around the hole on top of the head to simulate the injury properly. Elements can be sharper on the neck to give more volume to the holes.

zombie sketch

Grey colors to complete the drawing part of the lesson.

Using lines and softer shapes, you must fill the whole illustration with lines to illustrate the disgusting texture of the skin. Don't hesitate to draw lines everywhere!

Erase a few areas to simulate how lighting works on the skin.

Grab an eraser and remove some of the darker colors you added on the nose, the forehead, the chin, the cheeks and inside the ear. Not doing so would create a flat drawing with only grey areas.

That's it! As you can see, creating a zombie sketch from scratch is not very difficult. All you need is inspiration and imagination. That's the fun part about zombies! You can create virtually anything you want! :)

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