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how to draw zombie pictures with just a few basic lines

How to draw a zombie pictures & video

Drawing fun zombie pictures is one of my favorite activities. These cute little creatures are fun to illustrate because you have the opportunity to play draw a human being while playing with colors, patterns and postures. Zombies are often covered with stitches, patches and various other creepy elements. The version found on this page is a friendly one, but it's still an interesting character to work with.

Drawing zombie pictures using videos

First, you can try sketching this creature using the simple video located below. This one is pretty basic and it should help you figure out all you need to know regarding this version of the character. If you prefer to read more tips and study still images, just proceed with the written version below the video.

A cold and ... adorable illustration!

Before drawing the zombie itself, it's a good idea to sketch a simple template to help you organize your work space. First, draw a large circle to form the head. Smaller circles are used for the eyes and the ears. Next, draw a large rectangle to represent the body.

The arm is made from small rectangles and oval shapes. Finally, work on the legs by drawing a few straight lines. Both shoes are made from irregular rectangles. 

How to draw a zombie pictures & video

It's now time to draw the zombie using thick strokes. Remember to create small eyes and ears. A single line is used for the mouth. Patches are added on the body and the pants of the character. Once you are done, you can erase all gray lines created earlier.

How to draw a zombie pictures & video

Nice! Below you can see the final version once all lines are added. This basic image is pretty cool, but adding more colors is a good idea to bring this zombie ... to life!

How to draw a zombie pictures & video

The skin of the zombie is made of a neutral green color. The shirt is yellow while pants are brown. Pupils of the character are also brown. Shoes are black and a few extra stitches are added all over the character using slightly darker outlines. Excellent work! This cartoon zombie is visually pretty exciting!

How to draw a zombie pictures & video

Simple zombie made from simple shapes

Drawing cool zombie pictures is easy once you are familiar with a few basic tips. Simply draw a few stitches and patches. Use appropriated colors to give a "sick" look to the character. Make the posture awkward or anatomically slightly incorrect and add a blank facial expression.

How to draw a zombie pictures & video

Feel free to draw more characters below if you want to practice yourself and become better at drawing zombies!

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