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How to draw a zebra clipart using simple shapes and colors

How To Draw A Zebra Clipart

This black and white zebra clipart is easy to draw, even for beginners and young artists! Carefully created using simple rectangles, circles, lines and colors, this cartoon character also features a front view, which is easier to draw and duplicate. Therefore, you won't need to work on a side version and learn the real anatomy of this animal to sketch a version that is adorable and easily recognizable.

Zebras are fascinating animals. In fact, you could say that these animals are simply white horses with black stripes. In fact, the real color of the animal is probably black (and stripes would be white). Strange, don't you think? Now that this mystery regarding zebras is solved, let's try to solve another simple issue: drawing a cute version of this animal using a simple lesson! :)

Step 1

Start by sketching a large rectangle to form the body and the head of the animal. Then, sketch a small rectangle with round corner to illustrate the mouth and nose of the zebra. Inside this shape, draw two dots as shown below. Finally, draw two large circles to form the eyes and two smaller ones to create the pupils.

How To Draw A Zebra Clipart

Step 2

Nice! Continue working on this animal by drawing two long ears made from curved lines. The tail is large and also drawn using long curved lines. The front legs are made from small straight lines and the hooves are represented by two small rectangles.

How To Draw A Zebra Clipart

Step 3

On top of the head, you can draw some hair using a collection of small triangles made from pointed lines. On the body of the character, draw three horizontal lines on both sides of the body to illustrate the stripes. Excellent! This fun cartoon animal is now completed. :)

How To Draw A Zebra Clipart

Step 4

It's time to bring this animal to life by adding plain colors. We could color the character in white, but this one would be hard to read on a white background. That's why the ears and the body are filled with a light grey color in the template available below. The mane and the tail are colored in black and the nose is filled with a dark grey color.

How To Draw A Zebra Clipart

Great work drawing a zebra clipart like the one found below!

Did you enjoy this tutorial? Would you like to work with more zebras done with basic elements or complex ones? Great! This first version is also made from rectangles and straight lines (although this time it's a side view). This second character is slightly more challenging because shapes are irregular, but it's still a fun animal to work with.

How To Draw A Zebra Clipart

Finally, the third zebra is done with circular shapes and looks amazing (seriously!). Have fun with all these tutorials and don't hesitate to try more characters from the same series below. :)

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