how to draw a yogurt clip art

In this lesson, you will learn to draw a yogurt clip art made mostly from basic shapes and bright colors. For this tutorial, the yogurt is depicted inside a simple cup. A spoon is also added on the right side of the illustration. Cool digital effects like shadows and highlights can also be sketched to improve the level of realism of this basic cartoon yogurt. Ready? Let's see how we can create this basic image in just six easy steps ...

How To Draw A Yogurt Clip Art

drawing a basic cup using simple shapes

First, let's draw the cup using circles and curved lines. The top of the object is made from a square. This square is drawn using round corners. You can draw a second square below the first one to create depth. Inside the square, draw a circle. Finally, draw the bottom of the cup using a long curved line.

How To Draw A Yogurt Clip Art

adding a spoon, the label and the yogurt

Inside the cup, draw a long spoon using another curved line. The yogurt is represented with a simple irregular line. You can also write "Yogurt" on the cup to complete this step. Now that the cup is drawn, let's proceed with the next step : adding colors.

How To Draw A Yogurt Clip Art

gradients to help us enhance this illustration

For this lesson, a light blue color was selected for the cup. The spoon is colored in gray while the yogurt is white. Using gradients, you can already create some depth inside each shape as shown below. 

How To Draw A Yogurt Clip Art

creating more depth using shadows

In this step, our goal is to draw subtle shadows to separate a few elements and improve the readability of the cartoon yogurt. These new shapes are filled with a dark blue color. It's also a good idea to play with the opacity of shadows. Indeed, these new additions can be partially transparent ... just like real shadows should be.

Below, you can see all new shapes added to the illustration (with a temporary pink outline). Notice how shadows are drawn on the spoon, around the yogurt, behind the spoon and near the bottom of the cup. Some shadows are touching each other (like the ones on the bottom of the spoon and near the middle of the drawing.

How To Draw A Yogurt Clip Art

adding highlights to create more volume

The technique used here is quite similar to the one we used for shadows. The biggest difference is the color of all new additions. Instead of using a dark blue color, all highlights must be filled in white. Don't forget to add transparency. Our goal is to end up with a subtle result too. Reflections are added on the spoon, on top of the cup, on the yogurt and on the bottom of the object.

How To Draw A Yogurt Clip Art

Nice job drawing a simple yogurt clip art

Great work! This lesson on how to draw a yogurt clip art is officially over. You can expand your experience and try to illustrate different cups, other flavors or add more textures to your illustrations.

How To Draw A Yogurt Clip Art

Below, you can enjoy all images from this lesson grouped inside a single picture. Still hungry? No problem! You are invited to try more delicious food from the same series here. Enjoy! :)

How To Draw A Yogurt Clip Art

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