Xara Xtreme

Ok. I must admit. I am a software junkie! I like searching and finding cheap and easy to use graphic software. It's a constant quest that won't go away!

But when I do find that special tool, the one that will make my life easier, then I'm all excited! It doesn't happened every day, but when it does, I'm really happy to see that all the effort I did put surfing the net searching for that special tool is finally paying off!


My penguin in Xara. Made in only 30 minutes!

With that in mind, you probably noticed a few weeks ago my article about vector software. At that point, I already knew what Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator could do. But I never expected Xara to be such a powerful tool compare to the two major player in the vector software industry.

Xara is simply the most fun, effective tool I've ever played with. The software is rather easy to use, very fast and, most important, does produce some amazing results in no time! A dream! It will probably not become the industry standard like Illustrator, but for an alternative, it's quite an impressive one!

That's why I decided to create this section of my website to help you learn a little bit more about this great product! I'll show you what you can do with it, how to use it and why I think it could be a very interesting investment!

Of course, this tool isn't perfect. It does have some minor issues, especially if you are a professional artist. But for beginners or even serious users like me, this tool will do the job just fine and for a very reasonable price ($89 compare to $600 for Illustrator!).

Like many software, you can try it for 30 days. You can use this version to follow along the tutorials available in this section. It's a great opportunity to see it in action!

So just follow the links below and take your time to make your own opinion about this product. After all, even if the software is great, it might not be what you are looking for. But if it is, then prepare to be amazed! Enjoy!

Click here to see one of my drawing made with Moho compare to Xara!

Click here to see Xara Xtreme list of features!

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