Writing An Outline
With Irregular Lines

Writing an outline with irregular lines can really add charm to a drawing! Your image will look less polished and more hand-drawn. This easy tip can take away the cold and perfect look of a drawing created with a vector software! 

Let's see some examples of a running cartoon character drawn using various and original outlines!

Example #1

Writing an outline

This first example shows our character created with a standard and normal outline. Like I said in the introduction of this tutorial, the drawing looks clean, perfect and a little cold. 

Example #2

Writing an outline

In this particular drawing, the entire outline of the character was moved a couple of pixels on the right. The result is an image that looks more amateur, but also more alive. Almost like the drawing of a child (keeping all the qualities while avoiding the little imperfections).

This technique is easy to use and can produce nice effects. Just make sure that no part of the drawing is hard to read because the outline was misplaced.

Example #3

Writing an outline

Another good example of an outline that doesn't match with the borders of the shape. It can also look like the artwork of a child. Don't use this technique inappropriately. It can be quite annoying if the lines are hard to read or too far from their original position.

Example #4

Writing an outline

This drawing doesn't work very well. It's not bad, but it's a little annoying. You should not use a technique that is as distracting as this one! Otherwise, people will only focus on your drawing technique (and not on your story or your content).

Example #5

Writing an outline

I really enjoy this simple technique. Writing an outline using multiples lines (light ones) will give a sense of motion to the character. It might look like a sketching more than a finished drawing, but the result is not too distracting! Very easy to use and very effective.

Example #6

Writing an outline

The last one can only be applied to a moving object/character. Notice that the character himself doesn't have an outline (perhaps he is running too fast!). It's probably the easiest technique you can use to simulate speed and motion.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and have some new ideas to create an outline with irregular lines. It can be easy to add some personality to your work. And creating an outline that is dynamic and alive is one of them. Have fun!

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