How to Create Wood Textures

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create simple wood textures! Creating this kind of texture can be a little tricky sometimes. After all, a piece of wood is an organic object and even if a pattern can be found from one object to another, you still need to draw it accurately!

And to make things even simpler, I have included in each step two different images to help you figure out how I did it. On the left, you will see the lines or colors (on a white background) I have used for this particular step. 

On the right, you will see the results of this step with the previous ones combine together. Cool! Now let's draw!

Step 1


First, add a single color to your background. In this case, I have chosen a tone that is similar to the color of the skin.

Step 2


Next, sketch some smooth and dark lines to define a little bit the shape of your piece of wood. You can usually find some lines and circular shape in it!

Step 3


For this third step, just add some lines like you did in the previous step, but this time, make sure that the lines are smaller and clearer.

Step 4


Finally, draw some real lines (not blurred or smudged) to complete this first segment of the drawing lesson! The result so far could be OK to create a satisfying texture, but I would like to go a little further and add more effects!

Step 5


Over the whole area, draw some thin and subtle lines like shown in the image above (on the left). We are now trying to give a "rough" look to our object!

Step 6


If you have the opportunity to add an airbrush effect, it's time to do it! This fun tool is ideal to give a grainy looks to your work!

Step 7


This step is really subtle, but can make a great difference to the final result! Using a light tone, I have applied lines around all shapes to give more depth to my artwork.

Step 8


Finally, since I feel like the drawing is a little too dark, I have applied a light (and semi-transparent) color to the whole drawing. The result is even more realistic and fun to look at!

So there you have it! Creating wood textures is really simple if you manage to reproduce this organic and random look to your object. You can also use other colors and style! 

Trees are very different one from another and you should really try to explore all possibilities to find the one that fits the most to your need! That's it! Good luck and don't forget to practice!

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