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How to draw a wolf clipart that looks cute

How To Draw A Wolf Clipart

Draw a cute wolf clipart using this basic lesson that is accessible and easy to achieved. Indeed, you will have the opportunity to create a simple version of this intriguing animal using mostly basic shapes, curved lines and flat colors. Nothing complicated here! Once you are done, you can also try more suggestions (see the last paragraph on the bottom of this page) to get even better at drawing amusing cartoon wolves.

This animal can be quite intimidating in the wild. Wolves are ferocious predators that can cause huge damages in farms and other areas related to agriculture. They come in various colors and despite having some physical similarities with dogs, both are quite different from one another. Ready to draw a simple version of this animal? Good! Let's proceed with the first step now! :)

Step 1

Let's begin with the body of the wolf. Draw a large rectangle made from a thick outline (just like all future shapes of the animal). Add two small triangles to represent the jaw of the wolf. Then, create the eyes and the pupils using large circles. Continue by drawing the nose of the wolf using a small oval shape as shown below. Finally, draw the mouth using a long curved line and add a small straight line between the mouth and the nose.

How To Draw A Wolf Clipart

Step 2

On top of the head of the animal, draw two large ears using mostly curved lines. The arms are done using a set of two straight lines. Complete this second step by drawing both feet using small oval shapes. Nice work! We are almost done (yes ... already!).

How To Draw A Wolf Clipart

Step 3

It's time to add more details inside the cartoon character. First, draw small patches inside both ears. Then, create a large circular shape around the mouth and draw another one that can be placed on the stomach. Finally, draw the tail of the animal using long curved lines. That's it! It's now time to add colors. :)

How To Draw A Wolf Clipart

Step 4

The body and the ears are filled with a bright grey color. The tail can be darker to illustrate some perspective. The feet are also darker to increase visibility. The nose and the eyes are black. Patches inside the ears, around the mouth, on the stomach and on the tail are filled with a brighter grey color.

How To Draw A Wolf Clipart

Cool! As you can see, drawing a wolf clipart can be easy!

These are all the steps needed to illustrate this cartoon character properly. More tutorials featuring wolves are available on this site. You can start by sketching a cute wolf filled with plain colors and also made from basic elements. Then, this front view featuring a wolf drawn with no outlines is also a good alternative. Another front version filled with complex effects can also be drawn.

How To Draw A Wolf Clipart

Advanced users might be interested in this side version featuring a wolf standing and filled with great effects. Another cute version of this animal sitting (and drawn with large eyes) can also be completed. Have fun with all these tutorials and enjoy! :)

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