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how to create a Wizard Drawing with a long white beard

How To Create A Wizard Drawing With A Long White Beard

Your goal for this tutorial will be to create a wizard drawing using all the magic in you to come up with a fun and professional illustration. If you don't think that you have enough magic in you, then simply do like I do and use a pencil! ;)

However, remember that a pencil is a tool that can create a lot of magic. Indeed, you can illustrate virtually anything that you can think of instantly!

Step 1

wizard drawing

First, draw the outlines of the cartoon character using simple black outlines. You can draw the head using a long curved line. Then, you can draw the hat, the body and the feet using basic shapes.

For the body, make sure that the top of the shape is narrower. For the feet, simply use a couple of triangles. It's now time to add more details to make the character more realistic.

Step 2

wizard drawing

Start by adding the most important shapes like the arms, the hands, the ears and the stick. You can also draw the eyes and the pupils. Then, you can add details on the wizard drawing like the stars, the mouth, the nose and the beard. Great! Now that the character is drawn, it's time to add colors and many cool effects to create an illustration that will be fun to look at!

Step 3

wizard drawing

Let's add flat colors on the cartoon character for now. You can leave the beard and the eyes white. The feet and the pupils can be colored in black. The stick can be colored in brown. Use a skin-like color for the head and hands. The clothing can be filled with a subtle blue color. The star must be yellow. Cool! Now let's see how we can make this drawing even more special.

Step 4

wizard drawing

Your vector application probably comes with a tool use to add a second color on a shape (it's usually called the gradient fill tool or something similar). The goal is to add a darker version of a color already present on a shape.

For example, you can add a darker version of the blue color used to fill the clothing. Make sure that the new color is on the bottom of the shape. Repeat the same step for all shapes except the pupils, the feet and the eyes.

Step 5

wizard drawing

In the last step, we added a second color on all shapes to create volume on the wizard drawing. It's nice, but not enough to create the desired effect. You must now draw more shapes manually to represent darker areas on the cartoon character.

These shapes can be placed on the left side of the illustration. You can also add a small circular shape all around the eyes to give more depth to the face of the character.

Step 6

wizard drawing

These new shapes are nice, but as you could see previously they were too dark to be effective. This time, you must play with the opacity of shapes created in the last step to end up with a more subtle result.

As you can see on your left, these shapes are still visible and not too distracting. Only the large circles around the eyes are darker and more visible.

Step 7

wizard drawing

Are you wondering why the wizard drawing is suddenly all white? Simply because virtually all shapes were duplicated and scale down a little bit. Then, these new shapes were colored in white.

Only the pupils and the beard were not duplicated. However, an oval shapes was created on both pupils. Simply move to the next step to learn how to convert these shapes into amazing effects!

Step 8

wizard drawing

Just like we did with the darker shapes earlier, your goal is now to create subtle white shapes to illustrate the reflection of lighting on the character. On each white shapes, you must make sure that the left part is completely hidden while the right part of the shape is still visible. You must play with transparency and use it wisely to create the best result possible.

Step 9

wizard drawing

One last single modification you can achieve on your illustration is changing the color of all outlines. Black outlines are nice, but they are not good enough to create a professional result. I prefer to use colored outlines. 

Select a color similar to the shape you are working on (but darker) and you are finished! Good job (and it was all done without magic!!!!). :)

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