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How to Draw a Wizard Clipart wearing a nice bright suit

How To Draw A Wizard Clipart

No need to use magic to illustrate this wizard clipart properly in just four easy steps. A simple pencil and a piece of paper are more than enough! Indeed, in this lesson you will learn how to create a simple wizard made from basic elements and filled with plain colors. It's a simple exercise than everyone should be able to achieved.

Wizards are everywhere. You can see them in movies, books, graphic novels and television shows. They can be either good or bad. Wizards usually have some kind of power that enables them to perform various tricks that are uncommon to this world. Ready to draw a cool wizard? Let's start now!

Step 1

First, draw the head using a large square as shown below. Then, draw another square below the head to represent the body. This new shape must be slightly wider on the bottom. Inside the head, draw the eyes and the pupils using large circular shapes. Smaller circles are used to draw the ears. Finally, sketch a small curved line to form the mouth.

How To Draw A Wizard Clipart

Step 2

On top of the head of the character, draw a hat made from several curved lines. On both sides of the head, draw some lines to create the hair. Complete this step by adding the arms, the hands and the feet using small rectangles and circles.

How To Draw A Wizard Clipart

Step 3

So far the character looks like a simple man with a hat on top of the head. Let's change this! Inside the shirt and the hat, draw a few stars. Don't make these new shapes too large nor too small. Above the mouth, sketch a long line to illustrate the beard of the wizard. Good! It's now time to add colors inside this illustration.

How To Draw A Wizard Clipart

Step 4

The costume of the wizard is often filled with a light blue color or a purple one. In this case, I have selected the purple color. Stars can be filled with a bright yellow color to create some contrast. The pupils are blue and the hair (and beard) of the wizard are grey. Using a light grey color is a good idea if you want your character to display wisdom! ;)

How To Draw A Wizard Clipart

Great work drawing this adorable wizard clipart!

These are all four steps required to draw a cool cartoon wizard. Feel free to draw a more complex version with more accessories (like a magic stick) and use different colors.

How To Draw A Wizard Clipart

You can also draw more characters from the same collection here and improve your drawing abilities even more using these adorable clipart characters! ;)

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