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how to draw a wizard clip art holding a cute magical stick

How to draw a wizard clip art

Learn how to draw a simple wizard clip art using this simple step-by-step drawing lesson. No magic tricks needed, only a few basic shapes, lines and plain colors! If you are a huge fan of fantasy, board games or fictional movies, then you know that wizards are quite popular.

These fun characters are often wearing long suits, pointed hats and holding magic sticks. In this lesson, you will learn to illustrate a simple version filled with colorful patterns and recognizable accessories. Ready? Let's start creating now! :)

How to draw a wizard clip art using a short video

The video available below shows all steps required to illustrate this character quickly and easily. Take all the time you need to study and try each step carefully. Once you are done, you can also learn more about this cartoon wizard using the step-by-step lesson found after the video below. :)

Four easy steps and you are done!

Excellent! Let's start this tutorial by sketching a few basic shapes to create a template that will be used to help us draw the cartoon character. First, draw the head of the character using a large circular shape. The hat is mostly made from triangles. The body and the arms of the wizard are done using rectangles. Circles are needed for the hands and the top of the magical stick.

How to draw a wizard clip art

Now that our guideline is created, let's sketch the character using a few basic lines. Notice how the eyes are simply made from small oval shapes. The beard is done using long curved lines and a stripe is drawn on the hat and one on the suit. Don't forget to create a beautiful star on top of the magical stick.

How to draw a wizard clip art

This is the cartoon character once all shapes are created and the template erased. Our illustration is pretty appealing, but now it's time to add color and make this one even more interesting to watch.

How to draw a wizard clip art

As I said earlier, only plain colors are needed inside this cartoon illustration. You can also draw a few lines on the suit and the hat to create subtle textures. The magical stick is colored in brown and yellow. Both stripes on the hat and suit can be slightly darker.

How to draw a wizard clip art

Nice work drawing a cool cartoon wizard!

These are all steps required to draw this fun character in minutes. Feel like drawing more wizards? No problem! You can start by drawing simple versions of this fictional character by working with a short wizard made from squares or try a more conventional illustration featuring no outlines.

How to draw a wizard clip art

A more complex version filled with cool digital effects is also available. Have fun drawing cool wizards and don't hesitate to practice.

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