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how to draw a witch clip art with a cute brown broom

How to draw a witch clip art

Learn how to create a witch clip art using this simple drawing lesson filled with cool tips and a fun video! You will have the opportunity to work with a cool video that features the whole process of illustrating this cartoon character.

Witches are fun creatures to work with and adding only a few basic elements like a hat, a broom, two belts, bright colors and simple shapes are enough to create an appealing image. Ready? Let's start with the first part of this tutorial: the video.

A fun step-by-step video to begin with

If you wish to visualize how this fun cartoon witch was created, then simply take a look at the short video found below. It shows all steps needed to end up with a similar version. If you need more information or simply prefer to read instead of analyzing a video, then you can scroll down a little bit to enjoy the written version of this lesson. 

How to draw a witch clip art in four easy steps

First, we need to create a basic template to help us create accurate proportions and a relevant posture. It's time to try things and be creative. For the head, I have used a large circle. Rectangles and triangles are needed for the hat. The dress and the arms are created with smaller rectangles. Don't forget to sketch a broom, a belt near the waist and another one inside the hat. Cool! This template is perfect for now!

How to draw a witch clip art

Now let's use this template to draw the character itself. For this example, I have used small dots for the eyes and a long curved line for the mouth. The tooth is made from a small square. Hair is made from short broken lines and a few details are added inside the broom. Great job once again!

How to draw a witch clip art

You can now erase all gray lines created in the first step. Indeed, our template is no longer needed. This witch clip art is visually quite appealing, but it could be better with the addition of some colors ...

How to draw a witch clip art

Let's use a few bright colors to bring this gentle monster to life. First, you can use a bright purple color for the hat and the suit. Both belts are colored in yellow and gray. The skin can be green while the eyes and the hair are red. For the tooth, a bright gray color is more than enough. The broom is filled with a variety of brown colors.

How to draw a witch clip art

Which witch do you wish to sketch?

Cool tongue twister don't you think? Now that this character is completed, it's time to draw more witches! You can start by working on a simple version created from squares and rectangles. If you prefer to try a more dynamic posture, then this flying witch is for you!

How to draw a witch clip art

Finally, for those looking for a more challenging tutorial, why not draw a cool cartoon witch filled with complex digital effects? I hope you had fun working with these tutorials and don't forget to practice as often as needed! ;)

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