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How to draw wild animal clipart images that look cute

How To Draw Wild Animal Clipart Images

Learn how to draw wild animal clipart illustrations that are cute and easy to create. You will have the opportunity to illustrate a cute giraffe, a simple panda and an adorable camel. All these fun animals are created using a similar approach making these lessons a joy to illustrate. Let's begin with the creation of a simple cartoon giraffe done in just four easy steps ...

A nice cartoon giraffe filled with cool details

You can start this lesson by sketching two squares made from curved lines. The square use to create the head must be larger and higher. Two small triangles are needed to form the ears. Horns on top of the head are done using small lines and oval shapes.

Next, you can draw the eyes using small dots. The nose is also created from dots. A line is drawn to separate the eyes from the nose and another line is added to form the mouth. Complete this first lesson by drawing all four legs, a tail and patches on the body. All you need to do now is add some colors and enjoy!

How To Draw Wild Animal Clipart Images

Working on a black & white cartoon panda

For this lesson, let's create a cool panda using a similar approach. First, draw the same shapes as we did earlier to form the head and the body of the animal. Then, create two small ears using tiny circles. The mouth is made from a short curved line.

Next, draw the eyes using small dots and sketch a large patch around each eye. The nose is made from a simple oval shape. Continue this lesson by drawing short legs on the character. A large patch is added on the chest of the cartoon panda. Complete this lesson by adding a black color inside the ears, the patches, the nose, the legs and the outside part of the body.

How To Draw Wild Animal Clipart Images

Why not create a cute cartoon camel too?

Once again, use the same technique to create the head and the body of this simple animal. Then, draw two large ears on top of the head. Next, draw a hump using a curved line and sketch a mane on top of this one.

Inside the head, draw two tiny dots to form the eyes. The nose is made from a broken line and the mouth from a long curved line. Complete this lesson by adding all four legs and a tail. Don't forget to add some colors to make this illustration even more appealing.

How To Draw Wild Animal Clipart Images

Good job drawing cute wild animal clipart images

I hope you had fun drawing all three wild animal clipart illustrations found on this page. These three characters are only the beginning. You can find more cute cartoon animals like these ones here. Don't forget to practice as often as possible. You can also draw these animals using different patterns, postures and colors. Just be creative!

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