how to create Werewolf Drawings with a cute look

In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw cool werewolf drawings made from complex shapes and techniques. Don't worry, this lesson is still suitable if you only have little drawing experience. It's not for beginners, but it's not for advance users either.

If you are using a vector software to complete this drawing lesson, the challenge will be to duplicate all effects appropriately to make sure that you end up with something similar.

How To Create Werewolf Drawings With A Cute Look

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Step 1

werewolf drawings

Great! Start this drawing lesson with the creation of the body and the legs using simple rectangles. Make sure that the one on the bottom is smaller and narrower.

Next, draw the head using a square made from curved corners. Don't forget to draw the chin using this shape. On top of the head, draw two triangles to form the ears.

Finally, draw some hair all around the face. Most of the hair must be drawn behind the head, but you can add some hair on the face below the mouth and on the forehead.

Step 2

werewolf drawings

Next, it's time to add more details to complete the drawing part of the tutorial. Create a second shape inside each ear. You can also draw the eyes and the pupils using circles.

Add three lines to illustrate the nose, the mouth and the chin. You can add many small triangles under the mouth to represent all teeth of the werewolf.

Finally, draw the arms using long rectangles and create the hands with circles. The shoes must be done with triangles and a single line can be added to separate the legs.

Step 3

werewolf drawings

Time to add colors! For the skin, you can select a color similar to the one of a human being. Simply make it more brownish. The hair on the back can be dark while the one in front can be lighter.

Pupils are black while the eyes are white. Of course, all teeth must also be filled in white. The shirt is colored in green (or any other color you prefer to use). The pants are brown while the shoes are black. Nice work! All werewolf drawings out there should be similar to this one now! :)

Step 4

werewolf drawings

Time to create some cool effects. To give more depth to the illustration, I like to add a second color on all shapes using the gradient fill tool.

For example, the green shirt can be filled with a light and dark green color. As you can see, the bottom of the shirt is darker since it's not close to the light source.

Don't worry about the hair on the face. Right now, these elements don't blend properly with the skin, but this will be fix later when we create another simple effect on the face.

Step 5

werewolf drawings

Adding a second color to each shape is a good idea, but it's not enough to illustrate all the shadows and dark areas that we can find on a character like this one.

We need to add more shapes manually. Simply draw large circles around the eyes, dark areas on the left side of the head and more darker areas on the legs, the shirt and the hands.

You can also add subtle elements under the nose and the chin. If you are up to it, adding more depth to the hair can also be done (but it's not in the drawing on your left).

Step 6

werewolf drawings

These new shapes are perfect, but clearly too dark to create the proper effect. Therefore, we need to play with the opacity of these new shapes to create something more appropriated.

If possible, you can also make sure that transparency is more visible on the right side of each shape (and of course, less visible on the right side). Repeat the same process for all shapes created in the previous step.

Step 7

werewolf drawings

Nice! Creating darker shapes was a great idea, but we can do even more to give more volume to all werewolf drawings that are being created right now! Indeed, I also like to draw white shapes to illustrate lighter areas on the character. These areas are usually greatly affected by lighting.

Draw some white shapes on the face, inside the pupils, the shirt, on the pants and on the shoes. You can also draw some white circles inside the hands.

Step 8

werewolf drawings

Once again these shapes are too bright to be effective, so we need to play with the opacity to create something more subtle. This time, it's important to make sure that the right area of each white shapes remains more visible white the left side must be completely hidden. Once this is done, make sure that all hair drawn on the face are perfectly blended with the skin of the cartoon character. 

Step 9

werewolf drawings

One last thing I like to do is modify the color of the outlines. Black lines are fun, but they are usually used for cute illustrations made for children. Simply select each shape and make sure that the line around it is filled with a color similar to the one inside the shape (but slightly darker).

Nice work! Don't hesitate to create your own werewolf drawings using all the tips available above. Have fun and happy drawing! :)

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