How to Draw a Werewolf Clipart with lots of hair

See the full moon above? It simply means that it's time to draw a cool werewolf clipart using this simple step-by-step tutorial! This iconic character is often seen is horror movies, graphic novels and books. The faculty (or the curse) to change from a man to a werewolf is probably the most painful experience in the wonderful world of horror.

Fortunately, this lesson is based on a cuter (and friendlier) version of this cartoon character. I will show you how to use a few rectangles, circles and triangles to illustrate this clipart in just minutes. Ready? Let's draw this fun character now!

How To Draw A Werewolf Clipart

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Step 1

First, draw a large square to create the head. Inside this one, sketch large circular shapes to form the eyes. The pupils are also made from small circles. The mouth is done using a single pointed line. Finally, complete the head using small circles to create the ears.

Next, draw a large rectangle below the head to illustrate the body. This one must have a width similar to the one of the head. Below the body, add another rectangle (much smaller) to create the legs.

How To Draw A Werewolf Clipart

Step 2

On top of the head, draw the hair using several large triangles. These shapes are made from curved lines and must be pointed. On both sides of the body, draw the arms and the hands using small rectangles and circles. You can also draw the feet with small curved lines.

How To Draw A Werewolf Clipart

Step 3

So far, the cartoon character looks like a normal (average) guy. Let's turn this boy into a werewolf. Using more triangles, add some hair on the forehead, below the mouth, on the cheeks, on the ears and on the hands. Make this character as hairy as possible! :)

How To Draw A Werewolf Clipart

Step 4

Excellent! Now let's add some colors to enhance this illustration even more. Basically, all you need to do is color this character using a bunch or earth colors (mostly various brown shades). The pupils can be blue to create a little bit of contrast. You can also add a dark skin color if you want to increase the dramatic effect.

How To Draw A Werewolf Clipart

Congratulations! This werewolf clipart is visually amazing!

Wow! This illustration looks great! Below you can see all four steps required to draw this werewolf. Don't hesitate to add more hair and more features if you want to.

How To Draw A Werewolf Clipart

Once you are done with this little creature, why not try more cartoon characters from the same series and improve your drawing abilities even more? After all, learning how to draw is all about practicing as often as possible!

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