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How to draw a viking clipart with a nice helmet

How To Draw A Viking Clipart

Take a trip into the past by sketching a viking clipart that is adorable and cute ... unlike the real characters! When you think about vikings, you are probably seeing tough men with long dark beard, dirty clothing, heavy weapons sailing on a large ship. The reality was probably different, but this description is perfect if you want to create a movie featuring these ferocious men and women.

In this lesson, I will show you how to draw an adorable version of a viking. This character is also wearing a large helmet with horns, a beard and simple clothing. Don't be afraid to take a trip into this European universe. It's worth spending a few minutes on it!

Step 1

First, let's draw basic character using simple shapes and elements. You can begin with the head. Draw a large square to illustrate this part of the body. Then, you can sketch some eyes and pupils using large circles. The ears are made from smaller circular shapes. The mouth is created from a single line.

The body and the legs are made from large, but thin rectangles. The arms and the hands are also made from rectangles and circles. Complete the first step by adding the feet using straight and curved lines.

How To Draw A Viking Clipart

Step 2

In this step, let's work on the helmet of this cartoon viking. First, draw a large curved line to form the object. Then, draw a thin (and horizontal) rectangle on the bottom. In the middle of the helmet, sketch a vertical stripe with circles in it. Finally, draw two large horns using triangles made from curved lines.

How To Draw A Viking Clipart

Step 3

On both sides of the head, draw some hair using a bunch of curved lines. Above the mouth, draw another long curved line to form the beard. Inside the shirt, a few lines are drawn as shown in the illustration below. You can also add a belt using three more rectangles.

How To Draw A Viking Clipart

Step 4

Colors related to earth are needed for this illustration. The helmet is mostly filled with grey colors. The hair and the beard are brown, just like the clothing and the shoes of the viking. Notice how the pants and the arms behind are darker while the belt is much brighter.

How To Draw A Viking Clipart

Great! A clean and beautiful viking clipart!

These are all four steps required to illustrate this cartoon viking simply and easily. You can now draw your own version by selecting different accessories and using different shapes.

How To Draw A Viking Clipart

You are also invited to try more characters from the same series if you prefer to try something new. :)

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