How to Draw A Vector Spotlight

I will show you how to draw a vector spotlight using simple shapes and great vector effects! Since the goal of this exercise is not to learn how to draw a spotlight, but rather how to add great effects on your illustration, the first part involving the creation of the object will be short and not as elaborated as usual.

I presume that you are capable of drawing a simple object like this one without having to go through all the steps necessary to achieve this part of the drawing lesson.

Step 1

Vector spotlight

In the first step, you must create the spotlight using simple shapes and black lines. Most of these shapes will be colored in black in the next step, so it doesn't matter if irrelevant shapes are visible.

Step 2

Vector spotlight

Add plain colors to the vector spotlight and make sure that everything is black except for the area that contains the light and the small holes on top of the object.

Step 3

Vector spotlight

Duplicate the body of the spotlight and color this one with a purple tone. Make sure that the shape is slightly smaller than the original one.

Step 4

Vector spotlight

Use the transparency tool to hide the bottom part of your new shape. The top part must be slightly lighter. This small and subtle shadow will increase the visibility of the object once the background will be colored in black.

Step 5

Vector spotlight

Reduce the spotlight and create a background using a large rectangle. Use the gradient tool to apply colors on the background. The top must be colored with a dark tone of purple while the bottom must be black. You can also add a large circle around the vector spotlight.

Step 6

Vector spotlight

Use the transparency tool to hide the bottom part of the circle. This shape is great for two reasons: it adds more depth to the illustration and it makes the spotlight more visible since without this shape, the black spotlight would be sitting on a black background.

Step 7

Vector spotlight

It's time to turn on the lights! Create a large beam of light using a modified rectangle and place an oval shape on the ground.

Step 8

Vector spotlight

Use the feathering tool to hide the edge of the oval shape. Then, select the transparency tool and hide the bottom part of the beam of light.

Step 9

Vector spotlight

Duplicate the circle on the ground and create a larger one with the new shape. Once you are finished, add a large star behind the spotlight, near the light source. Don't be afraid to create a very large shape.

Step 10

Vector spotlight

Once again, use the feathering tool to hide the edges of the star and the circle on the ground. This vector spotlight illustration is almost finished!

Step 11

Vector spotlight

Create four circles to create a lens flare effect. Your four circles must be aligned perfectly (use the center of each circle as a reference) and also make sure that the smaller one is near the spotlight while the larger one is one the opposite side.

Step 12

Vector spotlight

Add transparency to the circles to complete this tutorial on how to draw a vector spotlight. As you can see, this is not a very difficult drawing lesson to duplicate. You just need the right tools and a little bit of creativity to come up with something simple, but still impressive. Enjoy!

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