Which Vector Software Should You Use?

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Choosing the right vector software to create your illustrations can sometimes be difficult to do. Of course, like every kind of software, you can find some free vector tools that might help you create some interesting creation.

Or, you can go for the whole package and buy the high-end, super tool for several hundred dollars. So how can you be sure that you made the right choice? 

Well it's easy! I have created a list with some interesting software with their pros and cons to help you out make the best decision possible! You are probably wondering which one I use? Well, the answer can be found on the bottom of this page! ;)

1. Adobe Illustrator


  • The standard in this industry.
  • Always updated and well-supported.
  • Very professional and complete software.
  • Tons of tutorials online.
  • Easy to create logos, characters or illustrations once you are familiar with it.


  • Expensive (now with a subscription).
  • A very good learning curve.
  • Cannot do animations. Only illustrations.

Bottom line: This is the standard in terms of vector software. If you don't mind the price and are really motivated to learn it, then go ahead! But remember that Illustrator is not so easy to learn and that you might feel I little overwhelmed in the first few weeks.

2. Corel Draw


  • Comes with other very useful tools.
  • Professional and easier to learn than illustrator.
  • Lots of tutorials and well supported.


  • Still a good 400$ to invest.
  • Not always compatible with Illustrator.

Bottom line: The main competitor of Illustrator. I usually really enjoy products from Corel (like Painter essentials and Paint shop pro) so I think that this is a very good choice too! I have heard that some users do have compatibility issues with Illustrator, so you might want to investigate before moving on...

3. Xara Photo And Graphic Designer


  • Easy to use and to learn.
  • Below 100$ to purchase.
  • Very fast and flexible.


  • Some compatibility issue with Illustrator.
  • Hard to find resources on the net since not very well-known.

Bottom line: The fastest of them all. Very easy to use with video tutorials and a good community to back it. Really impressive to see how you can manipulate some special effects in real time with almost no lost of fluidity.

Once again, I'm not sure about compatibility with Illustrator and Corel Draw. So that might be a big issue if you have clients that don't own Xara (and it's very likely that they don't). If you don't want to spend 400$ or more for a vector software, then this is definitely the best choice on the net!

4. Anime Studio


  • You can make animation movies.
  • Basic version very affordable (50$).
  • You can do 3D animation with 2D objects.
  • You can use bones to animate your characters.


  • Upgrades are expensive.
  • Not so easy to use at first.
  • Not 100% made for illustrations (even if you are able to create some).

Bottom line: This one is a little more different. Formally known has Moho, Anime studio is more design to create animation movies that illustrations. But you can still manage to create some cartoons and since there is a bone system included, you can also move your character around to easily create different illustrations in no time.

And the basic version is only 50$.

This list is not extensive. But I hope it will help you make a choice more easily. And if you know a very good vector software that you think might be of interest, just use the contact form on your right to send me all the details about it.

In my case, I am using Xara and I'm very satisfied with it. This program is fast, easy to use and cheap. There is a compatibility issue with Illustrator, but I just don't have the money right now to buy adobe products! Still, if you want a powerful vector program, try Xara! You'll be amazed.

Have fun!

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