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How to Draw A Vector Music Illustration that looks great

How To Draw A Vector Music Illustration That Looks Great

Sketching vector music can be a difficult concept to illustrate. That's why it's easier to select a note as the subject of this simple step-by-step drawing lesson. Using a few basic shapes and effects, I will show you how to create an illustration filled with fun gradients and highlights. Of course, having access to a vector application can make the whole process easier.

Don't hesitate to use all tips and techniques found below to create any other types of icons. Drawing cartoon images or simple icons filled with beautiful effects isn't too difficult once you are comfortable using the transparency and gradient tool. Many simple and complex effects are created using only these two simple tools. Ready? Let's see how we can draw the icon from this page in just a few steps ...

drawing the silhouette of the cartoon note

First, simply draw the silhouette of the note using mostly a few straight lines and two perfect circular shapes. It's not a very difficult shape to create and that's why this tutorial is mostly focusing on adding nice effects to the icon. Once you have a shape similar to the one found below, you can proceed with the next step.

How To Draw A Vector Music Illustration

adding plain colors

Inside the note, you can add plain colors as shown below. For this lesson, I have selected a dark blue color. Of course, you can choose any color you want if you don't like this choice. The color of the outline is also modified. This one is also blue, but a darker version is used.

How To Draw A Vector Music Illustration

working with gradients to create depth

It's now time to add some cool effects to this vector music icon. Using the gradient tool (if you have access to a vector application), add darker colors on the bottom of the note and brighter ones near the top. The current image is visually interesting, but we can definitely make this one visually more appealing.

How To Draw A Vector Music Illustration

creating beautiful highlights

The addition of gradients did create more volume inside the illustration. However, it's not the only thing we can do to create a 3D aspect on the subject. Adding basic highlights is also a simple technique that we can use to create more depth.

Inside each circle, add a white shape (a slightly smaller circle) as shown below. To complete the effect, you need to make sure that the bottom of each new addition is transparent. Only the top of the shape must be partially visible.

How To Draw A Vector Music Illustration

more highlights to create more contrast

More bright shapes can be added inside these circles. This time, it's a small oval shape that is drawn on top of both circles. These new additions are blurred and partially transparent near the top. Nice work! This illustration looks amazing.

How To Draw A Vector Music Illustration

one last effect added on the vector music note

Just like we did on both circles located below the subject, it's time to add a brighter area on the top part of the note. This new element is also slightly blurred and partially hidden near the bottom. Great work! We are already done sketching and drawing this appealing icon.

You can easily use all tips from this lesson to create more miscellaneous images filled with great digital effects. Just be creative when adding gradients, shadows, highlights or even textures.

How To Draw A Vector Music Illustration

If you need more help drawing this simple object, you can use the image below as a reference. This one contains all steps needed to draw the note grouped into a single image.

How To Draw A Vector Music Illustration

Now that we are done drawing this simple vector music note, you are invited to try more fun lessons from this site below. All these objects are filled with cool digital effects that can be challenging to illustrate. Some are featuring complex textures, bright areas and fun patterns that are definitely not easy to duplicate if you are a beginner.

These are still fun exercises to try if you want to improve your drawing abilities quickly and easily. Have fun trying these adorable tutorials and remember to practice as often as needed. It's the key to succeed!

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