Creating A Vector
Logo Design

If you want to create a good vector logo design, you need to be aware of a few important tips. Indeed, logos are difficult to create because you need to come up with something that is easy to read, colorful and great to look at.

However, the most important thing is that this simple illustration must represent the values of your brand.

People must identify immediately what your company and/or product is all about. For example, most logos that are dealing with environment are colored in green, brown and yellow. It's logical since these colors are often associated with nature.

Step 1

Vector logo design

For this tutorial, I will create the logo is this site. I will also show you a few things to help you understand some of my choices regarding the shape and the position of this logo.

First, create a large rectangle and add a small triangle on the bottom right part of the illustration. This new shape must be colored with a light tone of green while the background can be colored with a darker tone of green.

Step 2

Vector logo design

Next, add the name of the site as shown above using the "Impact" font. Notice that the height of the text on top is smaller than the text on the bottom. Also, the text on top doesn't cover the whole width like the one the bottom.

Step 3

Vector logo design

Create a small rectangle using a darker tone of green (but still lighter than the color used for the background) and place this new shape under the text on the bottom.

Step 4

Vector logo design

Now to make this vector logo design more friendly, you should have a tool that is made to curved corners. Use this tool to curve corners of both rectangles.

Step 5

Vector logo design

As you can see, the text on top is colored in white and hard to read because there are no space between each word. Select the word "to" and apply a light green color on it.

Step 6

Vector logo design

You should have access to a tool used to create simple shadows on basic objects. Select this tool to create a small and dark shadows below the main shape of the logo.

Step 7

Vector logo design

Create a large white rectangle over the logo, but make sure that this new shape is slightly smaller than the original shape.

Step 8

Vector logo design

Use the transparency tool to hide the bottom and left part of the shape created previously. Our goal is to create a small reflection on the empty section of the illustration.

That's it!'s logo is now completely done! Now I would like to show you a few things that might help you understand some of my choices.

6 mistakes to avoid

In the step-by-step tutorial above, I have shown you how to draw the logo from this site. Now I will show you the reasons behind a few of my choices. Of course, this logo is far from being perfect and maybe a few things could possibly be improved, but personally, I am quite happy with the result.

Mistake #1

Vector logo design

I did not place the triangle in the middle of the illustration because I felt like it was not appropriated. The text is mostly on the left of the illustration so it was perfectly natural to place this triangle on the right to make sure that everything was balanced.

Mistake #2

Vector logo design

The text on the top of the illustration is not covering the entire width of the rectangle. Doing so would create something like shown above. This vector logo design is not as interesting as the original one since the text on top takes too much place.

Mistake #3

Vector logo design

I could use a darker color on the text "to", but once again the logo is not as warm and friendly even if the chosen color is the one from the small rectangle inside the logo. I prefer to use the lighter green color to create a more subtle variation.

Mistake #4

Vector logo design

The "Impact" font is not the most elegant one. It's a rough font with bold letters and round edges. However, using something more delicate like "Arial" is not a good idea. the logo looks skinny and is hard to read. "Impact" is not a subtle font, but somehow it works great on this vector logo design.

Mistake #5

Vector logo design

This logo is not bad either. Sharp edges can be great, but for me it was just too rough since my visitors are from all ages. I prefer a more friendly logo like the original one.

Mistake #6

Vector logo design

Finally, the dark shadow on the bottom of the logo makes it easier to read. A shadow-free logo is still nice, but it's not as efficient as the original logo. I hope you had fun creating this simple vector logo design.

To create your own logo, you need to test many fonts, shapes, colors and style before creating the perfect illustration. Don't hesitate to ask for comments. 

It's easy to create a nice looking logo without noticing all the things that this new image can promote. Be careful, experiment and have fun!

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