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How to draw vector illustrations of cute animals

How To Draw Vector Illustrations Of Cute Animals

Learn how to create adorable vector illustrations featuring cool animals like insects, birds, sea animals, farm animals and wild animals. All tutorials are featuring easy and accessible characters that can be drawn in just a few easy steps. All lessons are also featuring a second section designed to help you learn a specific aspect of drawing like how to play with perspective, how to create shadows or how to draw various postures.

It's a good practice to start every lesson with the creation of a guideline designed to help you draw accurate proportions. Once lines are added on this template to form the head and the body, these original shapes can be erased.

Then, it's time to add more details inside the image. Things like the eyes, the pupils, the nose, the mouth, the fingers and some patterns are usually added during this step. The level of details is pretty basic to make sure that everyone can create these characters quickly and easily.

Finally, it's time to add some colors to make the cartoon picture visually more appealing. This step is the last one concerning the step-by-step lesson found inside these tutorials, but one extra step can be found inside each lesson.

Let's try a few examples so that we can work with real tutorials ...

A quick video for a slooooow animal! ;)

Before proceeding with the step-by-step lessons, you can start with this cute video featuring an adorable cartoon snail. More video tutorials like this one can be found on my Youtube channel.

A simple frog to play with

The first step-by-step lesson is featuring a cute cartoon frog mostly created from circles. Only the body is represented by a large square. Notice how the eyes are located on top of the head and how both cheeks are large and made from oval shapes. The size of both back legs is also very impressive.

Fingers on the front and back legs are made from long and thin curved lines. Don't forget to draw small pupils using dots. A large patch can also be found on the chest of the animal. You can use a dark green color for the body and head of the frog and apply a simple yellow color on the chest.

Vector illustrations : frog

Using perspective to draw an adorable pig

Playing with perspective in vector illustrations can be done using several simple techniques. You can draw lines to create 2D or 3D perspective, change the color of an object to simulate depth or even use transparency to create give the impression that an object is located far away. 

In this case, perspective is created by placing the head slightly inside the body of the cartoon pig. The way all four legs are placed also helps creating this illusion of depth. See how two of the legs are darker? That's another clue that the character is facing a specific direction.

Vector illustrations : pig

four legs animals are tougher to draw!

Horses are cute animals to illustrate. Unfortunately, they are also very difficult to sketch properly. Several areas must be drawn perfectly if you want to end up with a very realistic cartoon character. The most challenging body parts being the back legs, the jaw, the ears and the area around the mouth.

Just like most vector illustrations found here, don't forget to draw an accurate template made from basic shapes before proceeding. This step is crucial to help you sketch proportions that are realistic. 

Vector illustrations : horse

Do you like drawing circles? I hope so! ;)

Now that we have worked on a few simple farm animals, let's try to draw some insects using the same tips and techniques. For this caterpillar, you will need to sketch several small circular shapes to form the head and the body. More circles are needed for the eyes, the pupils and the tip of the antennas.

The mouth is made from a long curved line and all legs are drawn using small triangles that are created from smaller curved lines. Notice how yellow patches are drawn on the front of the character while red patterns are created behind this one.

Vector illustrations : caterpillar

Working on a different posture using a cool bee!

Once again, you will need to draw a few basic shapes to create a template for this cute cartoon bee. Of all vector illustrations we have drawn so far, this is the first one that is featuring an interesting posture. Standing and smiling, both hands of the character are touching the hips.

Another interesting feature is the head, which is made from a diamond instead of a circle or a rectangle. Don't forget to create long and thin wings, black stripes on the body and tiny antennas.

Vector illustrations : bee

drawing something a little simpler ...

It's now time to work on a sea animal using this cool tutorial featuring a cute cartoon dolphin. For this example, the head and mouth are made from large oval shapes. The body is created using large and thin rectangles. Notice the posture of the character. It's simple to draw and different from the usual one.

This animal is sketch using mostly long curved lines. Even the fins (that are made from triangular shapes) are sketched with curved lines. A simple patch located on the chest of the animal is completing this lesson.

Vector illustrations : dolphin

a complex alligator for those looking for a challenge

Looking for something more difficult to create? Unlike all vector illustrations drawn earlier, this cute cartoon alligator has it all. Complex shapes, complex lines, a solid posture, patterns highlights and shadows ... hours and hours of fun if you are a beginner! :)

Vector illustrations : alligator

More vector illustrations are available here!

I hope you had fun working with all vector illustrations found above. Fortunately, we are not done yet! More farm animals, insects, sea animals and wild animals can be drawn in this series. Most of these lessons are exploring certain aspects of drawing (color, perspective, texture) so feel free to try them all! :)

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Sea Animals

Wild animals

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