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Advanced Vector Graphic Design Tutorials

Advanced Vector Graphic Design Tutorials

In order to enjoy these tutorials on advance vector graphic design, you need to be able to draw a basic character on your own. These step-by-step drawing lessons won't help you learn how to draw basic animals, nice fish with simple shapes or weird insects. Instead, you will learn how to use a vector software to enhance a simple animal illustration.

For this series, characters are drawn without strokes or outlines. That's why adding beautiful shadows and reflections in relevant areas is even more important. Failing to do so can lead to an illustration that is hard to read and visually not appealing at all.

Ready? Let's try to draw a few basic characters now! :)

a cool posture for a fun animal to draw

This cartoon bull is very interesting to illustrate. As you can see in the ninth step, shadows are used to create the front and back legs of the animal. A large shadow located near the bottom of the right horn is also contributing to adding more volume to this basic image.

I really like the head of this funny bull. This one is mostly made of two large squares and both eyes are simple and very expressive. Yes, simple shapes can also be used to create complex characters! 

This cute cartoon animal is also available in the form of an easy step-by-step video lesson. More video tutorials featuring cool animals and characters are available on my Youtube channel.

Advanced Vector Graphic Design Tutorials

a simple cartoon owl to play with

For this lesson, you can draw a basic owl that is depicted using a front view. As you can see below, you first need to add color gradients inside the image to create depth. Then, shadows are drawn around the eyes and on top of the head.

More shadows are needed on bottom of both wings, below the beak, on the feet and on the chest. Highlights and reflections are also created using long white shapes that are partially hidden. These are a few vector graphic design tips that will be used on most characters from this series.

Advanced Vector Graphic Design Tutorials

a basic posture, but more details to draw

The third character is also quite easy to draw. However, more details are needed inside this illustration to end up with something appealing and visually more exciting. All tentacles are drawn with small suction cups and dark shadows to create contrast.

Several small curved lines are also added on the tentacles to create more texture. On top of the head, a wide variety of slightly transparent patches can also be found. Eyebrows made from small shadows are added above the eyes to complete this drawing tutorial.

Advanced Vector Graphic Design Tutorials

this cartoon ant is definitely a fun challenge!

Are you looking for a challenging illustration to create? Cool! This adorable cartoon ant is definitely for you! The posture is the first real difficult thing to get right. Several small shadows are added on the body, below the arms and hands and inside the head to give a lot of depth to this cartoon insect.

Don't hesitate to go one step further if you want to. Just add even more details inside the body. You can create basic textures or add even more reflections to give some depth to this picture.

Advanced Vector Graphic Design Tutorials

an easy turkey to complete this part of the lesson

This little cartoon turkey is certainly easier to draw. Shapes are pretty basic and the character is drawn using a front view. Your biggest challenge might be to make sure that the character remains easy to read. Indeed, as you can see below the whole animal is filled with shades of brown colors. Shadows and highlights are more important than ever!

Advanced Vector Graphic Design Tutorials

More vector graphic designs for you to play with!

All vector graphic designs available on this page are proposing various challenges perfect to help you improve your drawing abilities quickly and effectively (especially if you want to learn how to draw using a vector application). Be creative. Use these lessons as a starting point and don't hesitate to try more postures, more shapes, more textures and more colors. Use your creativity and have fun! You can also find more cute farm animals here. Enjoy! :)

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