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In order to enjoy these tutorials on advance vector graphic design, you need to be able to draw a basic character on your own. These step-by-step drawing lessons won't help you learn how to draw basic animals, nice fish with simple shapes or weird insects. Instead, you will learn how to use a vector software to enhance a simple animal illustration.

Vector graphic design

Of course, you also need to own a vector software to enjoy these tutorials. You can always try to do everything with your pencils, but the result will be different and longer to achieve. 

Personally, I created all tutorials with Xara Photo and Graphic Designer. Adobe Illustrator is another obvious choice!

Like you can see on the illustration above, the goal of these drawing lessons is to create a character that is visually appealing by adding simple gradient and transparency effects. The result is a 3D character (or at least the feeling of being in 3D) filled with great shadows and depth.

All steps are described properly and each of these step is represented with two pictures: one with the changes that should be made and the second one that displays the result of these changes.

You should be able to create a nice cartoon character that looks professional and friendly by following all steps carefully.

Don't hesitate to try a few of these tutorials since each cartoon animal is created differently. Some characters have simple shadows while others are built with complex effects.

However, all of them are quite easy to achieve if you are able to handle a vector software properly.

Good luck and I hope you will enjoy these new drawing lessons!

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