How to Draw
Vector Flames

In this step-by-step drawing lesson, I will show you how to draw vector flames that are hot and loaded with fine transparency and gradient effects. Of course, to achieve this tutorial properly, you need a vector software.

This tutorial isn't too complex, you just need to understand how to mix all the right ingredients to come up with the right recipe! A fire is extremely organic and different from one second to another, so creating the perfect shape for your flame isn't too important.

These steps are displayed from back to top (layer order), but it doesn't mean that you should create your drawing using the same procedure. The third step is the one you should start with since it is easier to create a drawing from the shape that is closer to the final silhouette of your subject.

I have decided to display these steps from back to top to help you understand how each layer is done and how you should place every element of the drawing. The blue area on the left of each image was placed to help you see some elements that were hard to see on a white background.

Step 1

Vector flames

First, you have three little flames that are visible on the back of my fire. Only transparency was applied on each element.

Step 2

Vector flames

Next, another layer made of a smaller flame was placed on each element. These new vector flames are darker and also have a transparency effect applied on them.

Step 3

Vector flames

In this step, the main part of the fire is drawn. A subtle gradient effect was applied (as you can see, the bottom of the shape is a little darker than the top).

Step 4

Vector flames

Here, two other shapes are added on the bottom of the flame. The second shape is covering the first one, but applying a little transparency on both shape does make the transition smoother. Also, notice how the color of the red shape is similar to the color of the main shape.

Step 5

Vector flames

A white circle and an irregular shape colored in yellow are added to the drawing. Once again, adding a little transparency on both shapes does create a nice result.

Step 6

Vector flames

Finally, a couple of white, yellow and orange details are applied to complete the image.

Step 7

Vector flames

That's it! You now have the perfect recipe to create cartoon flames that are cool, visually interesting and not too difficult to create!

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