Improving Your Vector Designs using basic tips

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Drawing some vector designs using a software can be quite fun and exhilarating. This tutorial will show you some basic tips to improve your artwork dramatically. Sketching a simple cow is already a great challenge for someone who is beginning. But adding some simple and effective special effects can be very rewarding.

Improving Your Vector Designs Using Basic Tips

Today's software are very powerful and they enable you to create images that could not be produced otherwise a decade ago. It's now time for you to take advantage of these new features and push your imagination to a new level! 

Let's take a look at the seven most easy tricks you can use to improve your vector designs in a snap! Please note that since no vector drawing software are similar, some techniques may be override with some special features included in your software.

Copy and paste

Improving Your Vector Designs Using Basic Tips

Ok. This one is probably the most obvious. But it's also the most easy way to save time. Looking at the example above, you can see that I have copied and pasted one simple tree.

Then, on the second image, I have changed the tree on the right a little bit. Using the same technique over and over, I have now created a complete forest in two or three minutes. Very simple, but very effective!


Improving Your Vector Designs Using Basic Tips

You want to make a perfect crab? One simple way to do this is to create one half first. Then, copy and paste (again!) the first half and flip the second one horizontally. You can now join these two half together to complete your creation. You just need to fill your artwork with color and voila!

Line thickness

Improving Your Vector Designs Using Basic Tips

This is a feature that I like a lot! Looking at the moon on your left, notice how the outline is regular. No line is ticker or thinner, they are all alike. But the moon on your right is different. Some lines are really tick while others are really thin. This is a good way to add more style and personality to your vector designs.


Improving Your Vector Designs Using Basic Tips

If there is one effect you should always use carefully, then I would say that transparency is the one. It certainly add more realism to your creation. Just take a look at our character above. 

First, he wears glasses with no color in it. Not really convincing. The second one is worse. We don't see a thing, and I'm sure he doesn't either! The third one is better!


Improving Your Vector Designs Using Basic Tips

If you wish to draw your cartoons strictly in 2D, then just drawing your character with plain color is the way to go. But if you wish to add more realism (again!), then drawing some shadows should help a lot! Just see how the rabbit on the right is more enjoyable to look at. I could almost grab him!!!!


Improving Your Vector Designs Using Basic Tips

Adding textures (or images) to your vector designs is a good way to save time! But not all projects require you to do so. Just ask yourself before following that path: Are your drawings still coherent? Does the image you add fit well? Did you mix up styles that you should not? Adding a texture can help or destroy a good design. Use them carefully.


Improving Your Vector Designs Using Basic Tips

Another great way to save time is to add bones to your characters. This will give you the power to simply move your creation's harm instead of drawing it over and over again. And, if you want to make a short animation clip, then bones are essentials. 

Like I said above, not all vector software are alike. Some will give you the ability to create complex scenes involving numerous cool effects. With the cheaper ones, you might just be able to draw some plain shapes. 

So, depending on your needs, you should carefully select what software to use. But one thing is sure, using a vector software is the easiest way to save time when creating a simple comic strip. I would never change mine for a pencil, ever!

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