Blend Tool In
Vector Art Graphics

Creating vector art graphics in a very short period of time is now possible thanks to great tools like the blend tool! Using only two objects, you can now create patterns or simple animations in a couple of seconds only!

For those who are not familiar with the blend tool, this is a simple effect that allows you to create multiple objects (similar or not) by using only two starting objects.

All the new objects that are created will stay between the firs too, but it's still a great tool to use to create simple patterns quickly and effectively!

Note: This tutorial was made using Xara software. Some effects might not be available in your software.

Example #1


In the first step, you see that I have used two similar objects to create my pattern! In the second step, I have added two shapes in the middle of the first two using the blend tool.

As you can see with step #3 and #4, by changing a single value, I can modify my pattern in a matter of seconds! Doing this pattern manually could take a couple of minutes!

Example #2


The wonderful thing about this tool is that by changing one of the object, I can still create a nice pattern since the tool will create an effect similar to morphing! Here, I've just changed the color of the second object!

Example #3


Applying a rotation to the second object will modify the pattern too.

Example #4


You can even use three objects to create a new pattern!

Example #5


You can also change other values like the distance between all objects. In this case, every object is getting a little further from the other one as the pattern is moving to the right.

Example #6


If you are using two objects that are not similar in shape, you will obtain a morphing effect! Pretty cool, isn't it?

Example #7


Changing the shape and the color will also create another cool effect! Like you can see, the blend tool is very powerful and easy to work with. It might be limited since you need two objects and that the result must be perfectly aligned, but it's still a good tool to work with! Have fun creating vector art graphics!

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