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how to draw vampire pictures using simple basic lines

How to draw a vampire pictures & video

Sketch and draw cute vampire pictures using this simple tutorial as a reference. Indeed, I will show how to easily illustrate a character like the one found above in just four easy steps. You can choose a simple step-by-step technique or simply proceed with a short video that shows how all steps are created. Ready? Let's see how we can draw this creature now ...

A nice video to get started

First, you can start by taking a look at the video found below. For some, seeing it all in action is the easiest way to learn. If you still need more information about this tutorial, then simply scroll down a little bit to have access to the written version of this lesson. :)

drawing vampire pictures is fun and easy!

You can begin by creating a large template made from basic shapes. First, draw a large circle to form the head. Then, draw the eyes using small circles. The ears are made from slightly larger circles. The body and the legs are represented by rectangles. Finally, draw the cape with a few long curved lines.

How to draw a vampire pictures & video

Excellent! Now that we have a solid template to work with, let's draw the character using a variety of short and long curved lines. Don't forget to draw the eyes using small circles. The mouth is made from a short line and teeth are created from triangles. Nice work!

How to draw a vampire pictures & video

Now that all lines are drawn, you can erase the template sketched earlier (the gray lines). The character looks pretty good, but adding colors is definitely a good idea ...

How to draw a vampire pictures & video

The cape is filled with a bright red color. The hair, the suit and the shoes are all colored in gray (a dark version). You can use a light gray color for the skin of the cartoon vampire.

How to draw a vampire pictures & video

having fun creating cool monsters?

I hope you had fun working on this adorable creature. Don't hesitate to sketch more vampire pictures made from various shapes, colors or simply wearing different clothing. The best advice I can give you it to practice as often as possible and try new things.

How to draw a vampire pictures & video

Being creative is a must for any artist who wants to succeed. Have fun and don't hesitate to learn to draw more cute vampires below. Enjoy! :)

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