creating a cute vampire illustration

Learn how to create a cute vampire illustration featuring a simple character made from basic shapes and colors. You will learn how to use a basic template made from large rectangles to create a fun monster that looks cute and appealing. Vampires are very popular in books and movies. They can be depicted with a more traditional look (like the character found below) or hidden behind simple human features. Let's see how we can create a cool version of this creature now using a simple step-by-step lesson.

Creating a cute vampire illustration

Adding the head and body

First, you can draw the head and body of the character using a few basic lines. Make sure that the head is much larger than the body. Also, you can use lines that are pointed on both ends as shown below. This way, the character will look more dynamic. We will use similar lines for all elements drawn on the cartoon vampire.

Creating a cute vampire illustration

Adding more parts to the character

Once you are done drawing the head and body, you can start adding more features. First, use small curved lines to represent both ears. Next, draw a mix of simple short lines to illustrate both arms and legs. Make sure these new body parts are short and not too large.

Creating a cute vampire illustration

Working on the bottom part of the vampire illustration

Draw both hands using more short curved lines. When you are done, work on the feet using long broken lines. Finally, you can draw the cape of the character using more short lines like the ones found below. The cape might be useless, but it's a fun accessory to add to this cute (and slightly creepy) vampire.

Creating a cute vampire illustration

drawing a cute face using basic shapes

No doubt that the face is the most important part of the character to draw. Indeed, it's the first place we are looking for in an illustration. You can start by drawing the eyes using large circular shapes. Pupils are represented by small perfect dots.

Above the eyes, you can draw the hair using long curved lines. Eyebrows are made from short simple lines. The nose is created from a broken line while teeth are done using several straight lines.

Creating a cute vampire illustration

Adding a few details on the costume of the character

One last thing we can do is add more details inside the suit of the cartoon vampire. You can use a few basic lines to create the shirt and add a simple tie using a circle and a few short lines. Good job! It's time to make this cartoon vampire a little bit more colorful.

Creating a cute vampire illustration

adding nice colors to complete this lesson

The skin of the character is filled with a light gray color. A darker version is used for the hair, the suit, the mouth and the shoes. The tie and the cape are colored in red. Finally, you can use a bright blue color inside the pupils and for the hidden part of the shirt. You can also change the color of a few lines.

Creating a cute vampire illustration

good work! Time to draw more animals and characters

I hope you had fun working on this simple vampire illustration. Below you can see all six steps needed to complete this tutorial. You are invited to try more animals and characters from the same series here. Don't forget to practice as often as possible. Once you are comfortable with these lessons, drawing your own custom animal or character should be relatively easy. :)

Creating a cute vampire illustration

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