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how to paint a Vampire Drawing using fun textures

How To Paint A Vampire Drawing Using Fun Textures

In this drawing lesson, I will show you how to draw a vampire drawing using a simple sketch and a painting software! I really enjoy creating anything that is related to Halloween or creepy monsters. Being able to use my imagination to come up with something different and unusual is always a nice challenge.

That's what I tried to do with this tutorial. Vampires are quite popular these days in movies and books, so I thought that it could be fun to draw something a little bit more creative for this lesson. For this drawing lesson, you need to own a painting software like Painter from Corel.

Step 1

Vampire Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

For this tutorial, I will use the "Mirror painting" tool that allows me to draw only one side of the illustration while the other one is drawn all by itself. Not only will I save a few minutes by doing so, but I will also create something that is perfectly symmetrical.

Step 2

Vampire Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

First, create a new layer and draw the head and the hair. You can use plain colors for now. Create another layer and draw the body on it. It doesn't matter if you don't select the right tone of color for now.

Step 3

Vampire Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

Complete the grey section of the suit on your body layer and then create a third layer and draw the dark patches behind the body. These colors are only placeholders right now since a few of them will be modified throughout the creative process. 

Step 4

Vampire Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

While you are still on the third layer, add plain colors on the patches that are visible below. Great! You now have a good idea of what the character will look like at the end of the drawing lesson. Let's move on with shadows.

Step 5

Vampire Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

Create a new layer and draw the eyes, the mouth and the teeth on it. Go back to the layer that contains the head and draw a large patch around the eyes. This patch will also be used to form the nose. Select a darker tone of skin color and add another (but smaller) patch around the eyes.

Step 6

Vampire Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

Continue your work on the head by adding darker areas to form the chin and the ears. You can also add a darker area just below the hair to give more depth to the forehead.

Step 7

Vampire Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

Since vampires are often depicted with white skin, add a lighter tone of skin color on the cheeks and the chin. You can also add a darker area just below the mouth and the teeth to give more volume to this part of the head. Finally, repeat the same steps below the nose to complete the face of your vampire drawing.

Step 8

Vampire Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

In this step of the tutorial, your goal is to create more volume on the eyes by adding a large (and darker area) of yellow below the eyes. You can also create reflection on the head by adding a subtle area of white. Make sure to work on the head layer for this particular step.

Step 9

Vampire Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

Now that the head and the face are finished, grab your digital pencil and illustrate the irregularity of the suit by using darker tones of colors. You can also use a light grey tone to reproduce the reflection on the middle part of the suit.

Step 10

Vampire Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

Keep working on your vampire drawing and add more shadows and reflections on the bottom part of the cartoon character.

Step 11

Vampire Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

As I said earlier, the colors for the bottom of the suit are now changed from grey to red. The grey area was kept to create the subtle shadows that can be seen on the red areas. A digital airbrush was used to create the shadows.

Step 12

Vampire Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

To make this vampire drawing even more frightening, add a few spikes along the red areas and use your pencil and/or eraser to blend the tip of these new shapes with the red patches.

Step 13

Vampire Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

Create a new layer and add a few bright red lines on the red patches. Each line must start near the spikes created earlier. Once again, you can use the eraser (with opacity set to 6%) to hide the lines as they are vanishing on the bottom of the drawing.

Step 14

Vampire Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

Finally, create a colorful background using a lighter tone of red (almost pink) color. The background was also made with the digital airbrush. That's it! Your vampire drawing is now filled with a weird character, great shadows/reflections and nice effects. I hope you had fun making this cool character! Enjoy!

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