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how to create a Vampire Drawing with large pupils

How To Create A Vampire Drawing With Large Pupils

This tutorial is featuring a cool vampire drawing that you must draw using a simple vector application. We are not talking about Dracula, but rather a character that is simply looking for blood and new victims!

Fortunately, this character is just a fictional one and your goal should be to duplicate it as closely as possible. Don't hesitate to repeat this drawing lesson as needed and have fun!

Step 1

vampire drawing

First, we need to draw the shapes of the character. You can use a long rectangle for the body. A circular shape with a few pointed edges are needed to illustrate the head.

For the arms, a long rectangle can be drawn along the body. You can add hands using simple circles. Finally, you can illustrate the legs using a small rectangle. The feet can be represented with simple triangles. 

Step 2

vampire drawing

Now that we have a good idea how the character is placed and how he should look, it's time to draw more details on the face and the body. The ears can be made with two small circles. The eyes are drawn with circles and the pupils are made with large dots.

The mouth is created with a simple curved line and teeth are added through triangles. Since we are illustrating a vampire, some blood on the shirt can be a good idea.

Step 3

vampire drawing

The vampire drawing is now completely drawn. It's a good idea to add colors and create a nice illustration with depth and volume to simulate a 3D effect. However, the first step is to fill the shapes with a single color.

You can use a skin color for the head, the ears and the hands. The shirt can be colored in grey. The legs and feet are filled with black. Finally, the blood must be ... red! :)

Step 4

vampire drawing

If you are using a vector application (highly recommended), then you can use the gradient tool to add a second color on each shape of your character.

In this case, it's important to place the darkest version of your color on the bottom of the shape. As you can see on your left, only the arms are darker on top while all other shapes are darker on the bottom.

Step 5

vampire drawing

Nice! To create even more depth and make sure that the vampire drawing is easy to read, it could be a good idea to create more shadows using additional shapes.

Simply draw a long (and darker) shape along the body, the head and the ears. You can also add a few shapes on the arms and the hands. Finally, a more subtle shape can be drawn below the nose and the chin. I also like to draw a simple shape around the eyes.

Step 6

vampire drawing

Shapes created earlier were nice, but definitely too dark to be effective. We need to play with the opacity of each dark shapes for a more subtle result.

Circles added around the eyes can stay dark, but other areas like the nose and the chin must be subtle and simple. Not all shape must have dark spots. The blood must remain flat and without any shadows.

Step 7

vampire drawing

You must wonder why our little vampire drawing on the left is suddenly completely white. No, I did not change the colors. I simply created new shapes over the previous ones.

This time, instead of creating dark areas, my goal is to illustrate the effect of light using bright shapes. Virtually all shapes must be duplicated and colored in white.

Step 8

vampire drawing

Then, you must once again play with the opacity of the solid shapes to create a subtle effect. This time, the left part of each white shapes must be hidden. On the other hand, the right part must be visible.

Notice on the head how the addition of a white shape adds more volume to the character. It also helps the legs and feet to be more visible and easier to read.

Step 9

vampire drawing

One last simple modification would be to change the color of the outlines and use a similar color to the closest shape instead of keeping all lines black. For example, you can use a grey color on the outlines of the shirt. Repeat the same step for all shapes.

That's it! I hope you had fun building this cartoon character. Don't hesitate to try more characters from the same series below. :)

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