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How to draw a vampire Clipart using cute basic shapes

How To Draw A Vampire Clipart

Even if we are working on a vampire clipart, this won't be a bloody drawing lesson! I promise! This character has been around for many years in movies, books and novels. We all know by now that vampires don't like garlic or sunlight. You must also formally invite a vampire into your home otherwise this one cannot enter in your house.

One thing you are probably not aware of right now is that the vampire displayed in this page is totally inoffensive. Made from basic shapes and colors, I will show you how to illustrate a cartoon vampire like this one in just four steps. Ready? Let's proceed with this lesson now!

Step 1

First, you can start by drawing a large square to create the head of the creature. The body and the legs are done using small rectangles (the body being the largest shape needed). Next, you can sketch arms and hands using rectangles and circles. Complete this first step by drawing the feet using curved lines.

How To Draw A Vampire Clipart

Step 2

Inside the head, draw two large circles to form the eyes. The pupils are made from smaller circular shapes. Then, the mouth is created using a long curved line. Finally, draw two small circles on both sides of the head to illustrate the ears. 

How To Draw A Vampire Clipart

Step 3

So far we have created a simple person. Let's turn this character into a vampire. On top of the head, draw a couple of curved lines to form the hair. Next, draw some triangles to represent the teeth. Inside the shirt, draw a collar using two triangles made from curved lines. Complete this step by adding a cape as shown in the illustration below.

How To Draw A Vampire Clipart

Step 4

It's time to add colors! For this lesson, you will mostly need some red and grey colors. The pupils and the cape are filled with a bright red color. The skin and the shoes are colored with a light grey color. The eyes and the teeth can be left white. Finally, the hair, the shirt and the pants can be darker.

How To Draw A Vampire Clipart

Nice! This vampire clipart is definitely cute and adorable!

Good work! You have created an awesome vampire. Below you can see all four steps required to illustrate this cartoon character.

How To Draw A Vampire Clipart

I hope you had fun working on this tutorial. You are also invited to try more lessons from the same series here. Enjoy!

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