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how to draw valentine clipart illustrations

How To Draw Valentine Clipart Illustrations

Love. Drawing cute Valentine clipart illustrations is the most effective way to share tons of emotions using a single image. You can use a wide variety of themes and objects to depict the power of love. Of course, the most obvious illustration you can think of is one featuring a heart. We learn how to create this shape very early in our lives.

Let's see how we can celebrate Valentine's Day (or simply enjoy the fun of creating these cute illustrations throughout the year) using a wide selection of cute images that can be drawn in just a few minutes ...

let's start with a classic ... a beautiful and colorful heart!

I know. Drawing a heart is an easy task. Drawing a cute heart clip art that looks visually stunning can be slightly more complicated. In the lesson found below, you can learn how to create a simple heart using only a triangle and two circular shapes. Then, adding a few shadows and some reflection can convert a simple cartoon illustration into a magnificent one. 

Easy? Just give it a try and see for yourself! ;)

Valentine clipart - How to draw hearts

Cupid shooting a few arrows!

No other character is more associated to Valentine's Day than cupid. Below, you can learn how to draw a cartoon cupid available in a fun posture in just a few minutes. No need to create complex textures. Simply draw a few basic shapes, draw the character using curved lines and then add plain colors inside the character. Adding a few basic shadows can also help create a more appealing illustration.

Valentine clipart - How to draw cupid

Two lovers sharing a simple kiss

Sharing a kiss is also quite popular on Valentine's Day. In the illustration located below, you can practice drawing another simple heart using the lesson above. However, the tutorial found below is more challenging since now we need to draw two lovers sharing a simple kiss.

To make this exercise even more challenging, shadows and reflections are also added on various parts of both characters. The result is a lovely cartoon image that looks refreshing and amazing despite the simplicity of the technique used to create this one.

Valentine clipart - How to draw a kiss

A nice cartoon rose that looks fabulous

Valentine's Day cannot be celebrated without a nice cartoon rose. Drawing this delicate flower can be tricky considering the particular shape of the subject. Hopefully, this tutorial should help you succeed giving the fact that you can have access to a written and a video version of the same drawing lesson. Simply take your time and study all these lines carefully.

Valentine clipart - How to draw a rose

will you marry me?

Not all Valentine's Day are ending with the exchange of engagement rings, but some lucky folks are definitely going through this ritual. If you want to successfully duplicate the tutorial below, then using a vector application is suggested. Most digital effects are hard to create using tangible objects like pencils or markers. Painting can be an option if you don't want to use digital tools.

Valentine clipart - How to draw a ring

More valentine clipart illustrations to enjoy ...

I hope you had fun working with all tutorials found above. More cool lessons based on Valentine clipart illustrations can be found below. It's a fun holiday to work with and don't hesitate to be creative. You can draw several objects, characters, animals or even situations based on this special occasion. As long as you are practicing and drawing on a daily basis, then your goal is achieved! :)

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