How to Draw a Turtle Clipart using solid squares

You can do it! Slowly, but surely, this turtle clipart can be drawn using only four basic steps and a few rectangles and circles. As you can see on the illustration available below, this design is relatively easy to create. Unlike all tutorials from the same series, this character has a small head and a large body, mostly because the turtle must be drawn with a large carapace on the back.

These adorable animals are mostly known for being slow ... and for carrying their own home on their backs. Turtles can also be kept as pets although you must be careful since this animal can be quite delicate and fragile. Ready to draw this fun character? Let's proceed with the first step now!

How To Draw A Turtle Clipart

Step 1

If you know how to create a perfect rectangle, then this first step should be relatively easy. Start by creating the head using a rectangle that is almost a square. Make this one slightly higher. Next, you can sketch the carapace using another rectangle on top of the first one. This second shape must be larger and taller. Notice how the head is slightly lower than the carapace.

How To Draw A Turtle Clipart

Step 2

Next, draw two additional rectangles to form the legs of the cartoon turtle. Make sure these new shapes are aligned with the carapace. Continue working on this character by drawing two large circles to represent the eyes. Pupils are also done using smaller circles. Finally, complete this second step by drawing the mouth using a long curved line.

How To Draw A Turtle Clipart

Step 3

Finally, you can complete this tutorial by sketching circular patches on the carapace as shown in the illustration below. The drawing aspect of this lesson is now completed. It's now time to proceed with the fourth step: adding colors.

How To Draw A Turtle Clipart

Step 4

The head of the cartoon turtle can be filled with a bright green color. The carapace can be colored with a darker version of this same color. Patches must be darker while the legs can be darker than the carapace, but brighter than the patches. Finally, the pupils are colored in brown while the eyes can be white.

How To Draw A Turtle Clipart

Drawing this Turtle Clipart was an easy Exercise!

Excellent work! I hope you had fun working on this turtle using all the simple steps shown below. You can also try to draw another character like this one, but this time using circles. It's a nice challenge that can easily be accomplish once you have created a simple version like the one above.

How To Draw A Turtle Clipart

If you need more inspiration, you definitely try more turtles from this site below. Enjoy these additional resources and have fun drawing. :)

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