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how to draw a turtle clip art filled with cute patterns

How to draw a turtle clip art

In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw a cute turtle clip art in just six easy steps. You will learn how to create the character located above using a few basic shapes and several curved lines. This turtle represents a cool challenge since the shell is placed in an unusual place for this particular animal. Let's see how we can draw this original version of a turtle quickly and easily.

Adding a few lines to form the body and the head

First, we need to sketch four long lines to illustrate the body and the head. Indeed, this character is made from one solid shape that contains both parts of the body. Notice how all four lines are slightly curved. 

How to draw a turtle clip art

Drawing arms and legs using more short curved lines

On the lower part of the shape, add four small rectangles using more short lines. The legs are slightly shorter, but also a little bit larger than the arms. Just like all lines added in this tutorials, you can also make sure that both ends of these lines are sharp and pointed.

How to draw a turtle clip art

A nice facial expression to enhance the character

The face is usually the first place we look when observing characters or animals. That's why it's important to make sure that this one is cute, easy to read and adorable. For this version of the animal, let's sketch a nice smiling expression.

Both the pupils and the eyes are made from perfect circles. Eyebrows are added above the eyes using short curved lines. You can also draw the mouth using more pointed lines. Teeth are represented by three more strokes.

How to draw a turtle clip art

Separating the body and the head

So far, the main shape was used to represent both the head and the body. It's now time to draw a long curved line to separate both parts. You can also add small nails on the bottom of both arms and legs.

How to draw a turtle clip art

the final details to complete this turtle clip art

First, draw a large patch in the middle of the chest using a long broken line. Inside this patch, you can add four short lines. Then, draw four more patches around the original one.

How to draw a turtle clip art

Colors to give life to this cute cartoon animal

Now that all elements are drawn, it's time to add some colors so that we can end up with a colorful cartoon character. You will mostly need a few green colors inside the shell and on the skin of the turtle. Pupils are blue and the patch inside the chest can be filled with a subtle yellow color.

How to draw a turtle clip art

Have fun drawing more cartoon turtles

Below you can see all four steps required to illustrate this cartoon turtle quickly and effectively.

How to draw a turtle clip art

More lessons featuring cool versions of this animal are available on this site. You can start by sketching a nice turtle made from squares, try another cute turtle made from circles, enjoy a more complex version filled with details or try a video version of a cute smiling turtle. Just have fun drawing and don't forget to practice as often as possible.

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