How to Draw a Turkey Clipart

No need to wait for Thanksgiving to sketch this adorable turkey clipart made solely from basic shapes and colors. Even more interesting is the fact that this cartoon character was created from a front perspective making this design even easier to draw. All parts of the turkey are done using simple elements and only the beak should represent a real challenge for beginners or young artists.

Turkeys are fun animals that are also quite popular as a dish on Thanksgiving. The version you are about to draw is visible below this paragraph. You can either draw this character using pencils and a piece of paper or simply open your digital application to draw shapes using simple tools just like I did for this drawing lesson. Ready? Let's draw!

How To Draw A Turkey Clipart

Step 1

You can begin this tutorial with the creation of the body and head using a single rectangular shape made from a thick outline. Then, you can draw the eyes using large circles as shown in the illustration below. Finally, you can add small pupils using another set of circular shapes. Once you are finished, you can proceed with the next step.

How To Draw A Turkey Clipart

Step 2

This is the most challenging step since the beak of the animal is involved. This beak is done with a small oval shape drawn with pointed edges on top and bottom. A small curved line must be inserted inside this shape to complete the beak. Below the beak, you can sketch a wattle using a small oval shape.

How To Draw A Turkey Clipart

Step 3

Great! Continue working on this fun turkey by adding a large tail made from a rectangle. The bottom of the rectangle must be narrower. A simple line can be sketched on top of the shape. The wings are done from pointed lines and are added near the bottom of the character. Complete this step with the addition of both feet made from curved lines.

How To Draw A Turkey Clipart

Step 4

It's now time to add colors! The body of the animal can be filled with a bright brown color. The tail can be darker on the bottom and brighter on top. The pupils are also darker while the beak and the feet are filled with a bright orange color. Finally, the wattle can be colored in red.

How To Draw A Turkey Clipart

Nice job illustrating this fun turkey clipart!

These are all four steps needed to create this cartoon turkey. Have fun illustrating more animals like this one and don't forget to practice as often as possible to improve your technique quickly and more efficiently. :)

How To Draw A Turkey Clipart

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