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How to draw a turkey clip art using fun patterns

How to draw a turkey clip art

Learn how to illustrate a lovely turkey clip art made from basic shapes using this simple step-by-step drawing tutorial. I will show you how to create this character using a simple template made from short and long curved lines. Adding a large tail and a snood is required to make sure this cute animal remains easily recognizable. Are you ready to draw? Excellent! Let's proceed with the first step of this drawing tutorial ...

Drawing a simple body made from basic lines

First, let's create the head and body using a simple shape. As you can see below, this one is made from simple curved lines with pointed ends. If possible, you can make the bottom of the shape slightly larger than the top.

How to draw a turkey clip art

Adding arms and legs

Next, you can sketch the arms of the cartoon turkey using short curved lines. Legs are also made using the same technique. You can draw both arms slightly raised for a more adorable posture.

How to draw a turkey clip art

working inside the head of the turkey clip art

It's now time to create the facial features of the animal. This is the most important step since the head is the first place we are usually looking at. You can start with the creation of the eyes using large circular shapes.

Both pupils are made from small dots. Above the eyes, you can draw the eyebrows using short lines. Then, create the beak using two small triangles also made from curved lines.

How to draw a turkey clip art

adding a large and impressive tail

The tail of this cartoon turkey should be made from long and impressive rectangles. Don't hesitate to make this part of the character large and wide.

How to draw a turkey clip art

Adding a few final details

Inside the tail, draw a few lines to create a basic pattern. Next, draw a snood under the beak using two simple curved lines. Good work! We are now ready for the final step ... adding plain colors.

How to draw a turkey clip art

from black and white to great plain colors

It's now time to convert a cute black and white cartoon illustration into a colorful one. You will need a few brown colors as well as a touch of red and orange. This is it! This turkey clip art is now completed!

How to draw a turkey clip art

Have fun drawing more cute cartoon characters like this one

If you had fun creating this adorable turkey, then you can also try more cartoon characters and animals from the same series here.

How to draw a turkey clip art

Don't forget to practice as often as possible and remember that you can also use all tips found on this page (or even on this site) to unleash your creativity and draw your own cute cartoon characters. ;)

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