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how to draw a tuna picture filled with plain colors

How to draw a tuna pictures & video

In this tutorial, you will learn to draw a cute tuna picture made from simple shapes, lines and colors. This fish is pretty interesting to work with. Several fins can be found on the body of the animal and colors are usually quite unique and appealing. You will learn how to sketch the character using large shapes, how to draw accurate lines to create the fish and finally, how to add colors quickly and easily. Ready? Let's start this lesson now ...

A cute video to illustrate this tuna

The video below contains all steps described on this page. It's an interesting alternative if you don't feel like reading or if you simply want to see this lesson in action. Take all the time you need to draw beautiful circles, draw precise curved lines and add nice colors.

let's go underwater!

Do you prefer to read more about this cartoon tuna and take more time to learn how to illustrate this one? Great! I will guide you to all four steps using simple illustrations like the one shown below. First, draw a large circle to form the body. Then, draw a small line to create the mouth and a longer one to separate the head from the body.

Next, draw several small triangles on top and near the bottom of the animal. These small and large circles are representing all pointed fins. Finally, draw more curved lines near the right of the image to create the large fin located behind this sea creature.

How to draw a tuna pictures & video

Now that we have a template to work with, let's draw the character using a bunch of curved lines. Eyes are made from small oval shapes and all other elements are made from curved lines (short and long ones). Also, notice how the tip of the mouth is sharp and pointed. Cool! This character is now fully drawn.

How to draw a tuna pictures & video

Once the template created earlier is removed and lines are colored in black, you should end up with something like this. Of course, each drawing is different so don't hesitate to change a few things if you want to. Creativity is always welcomed!

How to draw a tuna pictures & video

The colors used inside this image are pretty basic. All fins are filled with a bright yellow color (with a touch of orange, not a bright yellow one). The body is covered with a dark blue color. A lighter version of the same blue color is added inside the face of this tuna picture.

How to draw a tuna pictures & video

Good work drawing cool tuna pictures like this one!

Below you can see all four steps required to draw the fish in just a few minutes. It's now time to get creative and try new things. You can modify proportions, the posture of the character or change the colors with something brighter or darker. Just try a few things and enjoy.

How to draw a tuna pictures & video

Now that we are done with this tuna, you can try more fish below using additional cool lessons from this site. Have fun! :)

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