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How to draw a tropical fish clipart filled with cool patterns

Learn how to create a colorful tropical fish clipart filled with simple patterns and great digital effects. I am pretty sure that as soon as you saw the character below, you recognize our little tropical friend ... and that's the beauty with tropical fish! No need to draw something 100% realistic to end up with a nice character.

Indeed, the animal you are seeing below is mostly a mix of several features found in some tropical fish like stripes, long fins and a pointed mouth. Interesting, don't you think?

How to draw a tropical fish clipart

Before proceeding with the lesson, let's analyse the illustration below to learn exactly how this character was built and what you should expect from this simple tutorial.

  1. The mouth is flat, long and pointed.
  2. The eye is circular and the pupil is blue.
  3. Unlike the body (which is blue), the face is filled with a yellow/orange color.
  4. A long fin with sharp lines is located on top of the creature.
  5. Orange stripes are added on the body.
  6. The back fin is made from an oval shape.
  7. The fin found inside the body is drawn using a pointed triangle.
  8. The fin on the bottom is round and filled with texture.
  9. The body is round and colored in blue.

Great! Now that we are more familiar with this original cartoon character, let's sketch this one! :)

step 1 - drawing a few basic shapes

As usual, you can start this lesson on how to draw a tropical fish clipart by sketching a few basic shapes. The body is made from a large (and tall) oval shape while the beak is created from a more rectangular shape.

The tail is done using a tall (but small) oval shape.

How to draw a tropical fish clipart

step 2 - adding more shapes to create all fins

We also need to create a few guidelines to help us draw the fins properly. You can use a mix of triangular and rectangular shapes to achieve this goal. Once all shapes are created, you can proceed with the next step: drawing the tropical fish itself! :)

How to draw a tropical fish clipart

step 3 - let's add some lines!

Using mostly curved lines with pointed ends, you can now draw the fish as shown below. Don't forget to draw a large circle for the eye, a smaller one for the pupil and a flat mouth just below this one. Once you have a beautiful tropical fish clipart to play with, you can erase all orange shapes created earlier.

How to draw a tropical fish clipart

step 4 - creating patterns inside the character

Now the real fun begins! It's time to unleash your imagination and draw cool patterns inside the animal. In this case, I have drawn stripes below and above the body. I also added a line to separate the head from the body.

How to draw a tropical fish clipart

step 5 - applying colors

Of course, to create a colorful tropical fish clipart, we need ... lots of colors! For this tutorial, I have selected all three following colors to give life to this creature: orange, yellow and blue. You can use plain colors for now. It's also a good idea to use various colors for outlines (black outlines are fine, but they are definitely not as interesting).

How to draw a tropical fish clipart

step 6 - using the gradient tool

To create more depth and make the fish even more colorful, you can use the gradient tool (if you are using a digital application) to create a few basic effects. For instance, the fins are now filled with yellow and orange colors. The body is darker on the bottom and stripes are visually more interesting.

How to draw a tropical fish clipart

step 7 - a little bit of texture to complete the drawing

Inside all fins, you can also draw some lines (shown in pink only for this step) to make the character more exciting. See how adding just a few lines can turn a simple tropical fish clipart into a more fascinating cartoon illustration?

How to draw a tropical fish clipart

Good work drawing this tropical fish clipart!

Below you can see the result once all steps are completed. Indeed, all effects like gradient fills, textures and colorful outlines are now implemented inside this illustration.

How to draw a tropical fish clipart

Be creative! Draw more fish like this one!

As I said earlier, this character is fun to draw because you can virtually draw anything you want. You can use multiple shapes, apply any colors you can think of and sketch numerous patterns to create textures inside the animal. No need to study this character for hours if you just want to have fun.

How to draw a tropical fish clipart

I hope you enjoy this lesson on how to draw a tropical fish clipart and don't forget to try more animals from the same series below. Don't hesitate to unleash your creativity and draw something cool and visually stimulating too! You can do it! :)

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