how to draw a tree clipart

In this lesson, you will learn to draw a tree clipart mostly made from small curved lines, plain colors and a few basic shadows. I will show you how to draw a little bit of depth using simple techniques that are easy to implement. Once you understand how these small effects are added, create beautiful images will be much easier ... :)

How to draw a tree clipart

Drawing a few lines to get started

First, let's draw the trunk of the tree using long broken lines. You can add a few branches on top and some roots on the bottom of the illustration. Next, add several small curved lines to represent all thousand leaves found above the trunk. Make sure to create a shape that is simple and realistic.

How to draw a tree clipart

More details inside this tree clipart

In this step, all you need to do is sketch more small curved lines on the leaves to create more details. More broken lines are also needed inside the trunk for the same reason. Nice work! Now that this cute tree is drawn, it's time to play with colors.

How to draw a tree clipart

Simple plain colors to begin with

For this step, you will need three colors. First, you can add a bright green color on the leaves. For the trunk, a subtle brown color can be added. Finally, a darker version of this color can be applied on the roots located behind the trunk (and visible on both sides of the tree).

How to draw a tree clipart

It's time to create some basic effects

If you are using a vector application, then you know that adding simple digital effects like gradient fills or playing with transparency can be easy. Since it's not everyone that is using these kind of software, let's keep this lesson simple.

On the trunk, add some shapes that are slightly darker in areas that are hidden from the light source (presumably the sun). These new shapes can be found below the leaves (near the top of all branches) and along the lines created in the second step.

How to draw a tree clipart

More dark colors for more contrast

The center of the top portion can be filled with a dark green color. This is the area that is the least affected by the light source. That's why it's important to make this area much darker and create as much contrast as possible.

How to draw a tree clipart

One last step and we are done

This time, let's add a green color that is darker than the color added in the fourth step, but brighter than the one added previously. As you can see below, these new small shapes are virtually everywhere on the leaves.

How to draw a tree clipart

Have fun drawing more cool cartoon trees!

Below you can see all steps required to achieved this tree clipart properly. If you feel like drawing more illustrations like this one, then you can start with another cool tree filled with advanced digital effects. Another fun option would be to work on a basic palm tree drawn without any outlines. Have fun drawing and don't hesitate to experiment. All trees are different so you cannot make mistakes! :)

How to draw a tree clipart

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