Ecwid: a top ecommerce website that is flexible and complete!

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If you are looking for the top ecommerce website to create an online business to sell beautiful cartoon illustrations (or anything else you can think of!), then Ecwid is definitely a top contender! Whether you want to sell just a few tangible goods using a robust system or simply want to unleash the power of offering thousands of products for a low fee, this is the place to be!

Try it for free!

Unlike several similar services, Ecwid is offering a free version that is limited to 10 products (and $1500 total sales). That's not a very appealing option is the long run, but it can be a nice alternative if you want to test the software for a longer period of time. Unfortunately, this option doesn't include selling digital files.

The second option is already more interesting. For just $15 per month ($12.50 when paid annually), you can sell up to 100 products and offer digital files (up to 100 MB each). If you need more storage space or sell more products, then you can go Business for just $35 per month (or $29.17 annually). With the Business account, you can sell up to 2500 products (limited to 1 GB each).

The last option is the Unlimited one (for just $99 per month). In this case, files are limited to 10 GB each. All these options are suitable for most needs, but it can be problematic if you want to sell a single file that is, for example, 2 GB in size. 

In my case, I prefer to use a system that allows a certain storage space for the whole account without having restrictions on a product to product basis.

Ecwid: A Top Ecommerce Website That Is Flexible And Complete!

Fun and easy to use

Even for a top ecommerce website like this one, the dashboard is relatively easy to use. Simple wizards are available throughout the entire process and you can easily access the chat icon if you need assistance. Adding a product is quite easy and the numerous options are well-organized without making the experience overwhelming for beginners.

It might take a few minutes for a newbie to understand all aspects of creating a cool online store, but it's not as painful as it seems. Help is also easily accessible and well-written.

All the features you need to succeed

With this top ecommerce website solution, you can sell products using your own store, create a Facebook Shop, sell on mobile, marketplaces or even in a point of sale. You can even brand your own iOS or Android shopping app using the Annual Unlimited plan.

All paid plans include features like unlimited bandwidth, free starter site, adding your store to any website, abandoned cart saver, coupons, automated tax calculations and advanced SEO tools. 

Other features like wholesale pricing groups, Google Shopping, eBay integration, staff accounts and phone support are available only with the Business or Unlimited plans.

You can also use Ecwid with several platforms like Wordpress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Joomla, Adobe Muse, Blogger and more. This can be done with all plans, including the free one.

Unlike other similar options, Ecwid doesn't have its own affiliate system. However, you can "plug" third party platforms to your store and create your own army of affiliates.

Ecwid also has its own blog that is rich and loaded with fun and interesting tips. The community behind this top ecommerce website provider is strong and you can easily get advice from others using either Facebook, Twitter or the forums.

Customize, customize and customize!

One of Ecwid's biggest strength is the fact that nearly everything can be customized. Not only can you use all integrated tools to create a nice responsive store and sell your products using a large selection of platforms, but you can also use Ecwid app market to extend your vendor experience.

Some of them are free, but others are also offered for a monthly fee. Most of the paid apps can be purchase for less than $10 a month, but others are quite expensive ($25 to $99 per month).

Fortunately, none of these add-ons are essential to make your online store a success. Ecwid is already offering everything you need to sell all the products you want like drawing e-books, posters filled with nice cartoon images or step-by-step tutorials.


  • Easy to use and set up
  • Free version available
  • Cheap if you need to sell several products
  • Beautiful designs
  • Flexible and highly customizable
  • Lots of apps to enhance your store
  • Extensive help
  • Strong community


  • Limited to one store only
  • File size limit can be an issue for some vendors
  • Apps can be expensive

You can visit Ecwid here

The top ecommerce website solution for all your needs

No doubt that Ecwid has everything you need to successfully sell all the products you want in minutes. I have used this system for a few months and was extremely satisfied with it. I ended up choosing another option simply because I am currently selling only two products (cartoon illustrations and printable e-books) and don't need all the features available with Ecwid.

However, for those who need to sell more than 30 products (especially digital ones), then Ecwid should definitely be on the top of your list. For just $15 a month ($12.50 on an annual basis), no other system can offer you what this one is able to give you.

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