by Ramon Atila
(Montreal, QC, CANADA)

Angelo Berlusconi is on a secret quest to rule the Solar System. He belongs to a secret royal line, a birthright from a cult made up of demon-worshippers. They have inducted Berlusconi into their mystic ritual. Berlusconi is asked by the cult to perform their ritual, in which he calls upon demon spirits in the sky called The Serpent Stars, and is allowed to make one wish. Naturally, Berlusconi calls upon The Serpent Stars to grant his wish to rule the entire Solar System.
The Serpent Stars do not grant his wish right away, but instead inform him of the path they will lead him on to become the Governor of Mars. Berlusconi faithfully takes all the Serpents' instructions, although many times he doesn't understand the logic behind certain instructions. Many times in his quest he grows impatient and angry with The Serpent Stars because he doesn't believe they are helping him. Many times he is left worse off than before following The Serpents' instructions. For example, Berlusconi is put in a tough position where he is discredited before his bankers. However, The Serpent Stars always follow through with their promise to help him. It isn't always apparent right away.
When Lumo, a young hacker working for Berlusconi, finds out about Berlusconi's plan to become Governor of Mars, he asks The Serpent Stars what to do about it. They instruct him not to hurt Lumo, but to take him under is wing as a protégé. Berlusconi does just that, becoming somewhat of a mentor to Lumo, believing Lumo holds a special purpose in The Serpent Stars' grand design.
Berlusconi has issues with his bankers The Fenti Bros. because they say Berlusconi's bad temper is unruly and bad for his credit in the business world. He is convinced his very own bankers are behind his bad reputation, and are out to get him. When The Serpent Stars give him the green light, Berlusconi is confident enough to kill his bankers The Fenti Bros.

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Jul 05, 2015
Thanks Ramon!
by: Martin

Very complex story and great drawings! You should really take some time and elaborate this idea into a complete comic book.

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