the wish of the girl

by Yakelin R. Leija
(Houston Tx.)

Once upon a time there was a girl that was in her house sad.Next day,at school,everyone make fun of her because she was short so one time,she dream that she was big so she wake up and look in the window,then she saw a big star so she wish that she could be bigger then the house.Next morning she went outside to get apples that fell from the tree,then she was growing and growing,and then she went to school and everyone were scared when they saw her,she saw the kids that were mean at her so she grab them and those kids said “please don't hurt us ,lm sorry ,i never do that ever again”,and she believe them and put them down so she turn back little but no one make fun at her ever again and all them became friends.They were happy ever after.The End.

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