The Penguin Must Fall (1.0)

Enjoy a simple 2D video game called "The Penguin Must Fall". Your goal is to clear the path before releasing the penguin. This one must land on the fish to eat it. It's simple, addictive and not as easy as it looks! Good luck! :)

Click on the "Start" button below to move on with the tutorials:

To make sure that your experience is as fun as possible, don't forget to read all instructions carefully. Don't hesitate to go one step at a time. Release the penguin and see how it goes. Then, remove more blocks as you progress towards the fish. There are a few tricks you need to know to go through all levels. It's your job to find them! :)

A total of 46 levels (including the ones used for the tutorials) are currently available. This is the official (1.0) version.

If the game doesn't load properly, then you might need to update your browser or get the latest version of Flash.

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I Like It A Lot! Not rated yet
The title pretty much sums it up. High on fun + low on complexity == good game.

COOLEST GAME EVA!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
Amazing! Cool effects added! Superb background and cartoon effects! Nice tricks by the way! I'm really astonished! aND ITS NOT THAT HARD!!!! :)

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