Understanding The Meaning of Colors

Before turning your cartoons into a masterpiece, it might be a good idea to understand the meaning of colors. Some will give nice emotions to your readers while others will simply make them go away.

It's not just a question of choosing the right color. You also need to mix them properly. Let's take a look at what some of the most popular colors might represent to your readers when used in your work (remember that colors don't always represent the same thing in different cultures).

Black: This color can be associated with power or submission. It also represent a form of hate, of anger. But it can also be a sign of elegance.

Blue: The first thing that might come to mind when thinking of the color blue is water. While red might represent passion and emotion, blue will bring tranquility...

Gray: When you think of something dirty, gray might be the first color that comes to your mind. It's also a neutral color. Not 100% black, not 100% white... Just a nice mix of both!

Green: Simply the color of peace and nature. This is really the color that will bring stability and help your readers relax and calm down.

Red: Emotion! Passion! This is the color of energy! But it's also the color of rage, fury and sometimes even hate!

White: This color, like black, can also be associated with elegance. Something white is something clean! In the north, it's also a symbol of coldness.

Yellow: If it's warm, then it's yellow! This color can become very aggressive to the eye of your readers, so don't overused it!

These a just a summary of what a color can represent. And like you can see, two opposite colors like black and white can really have the same meanings. By using these colors with caution, you will be able to achieve nice effects and create the desired emotions to your readers.

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