The Correct Pencil Sketching Technique

by Natalie Howe

When sketching with a pencil you should sketch lightly and then you can make it more clear afterwards.If you find sketching hard, you should draw simple shapes to build up the structure of your cartoon, for example you might want to use an oval for the head of your character.

To come up with the perfect cartoon you need to practice a lot and do many sketches until you get it right.When you finish a sketch you need to erase the parts of the basic shapes that you no longer need,remember, the simple shapes are just to help you.

If you are doing a manga, everything should be more realistic with good shading, to shade you must imaging where the light is coming from and determine where the shadows go, the darker the shadow, the harder you shade.

Shading might take a while to get used to so you should start with a simple cartoon first.Remember, to be a good cartoonist you have to practise!

(Edit: Hi Nathalie! I had to remove the picture because of copyright issues! Thanks! ;))

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Feb 05, 2010
by: MArtin

Thanks Nathalie! Very helpful tutorial!

I am sure many visitors will appreciate!

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