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how to draw a teacher picture in action

How to draw a teacher pictures & video

Draw beautiful teacher pictures using this fun and adorable cartoon character as a starting point. I will show you how to create the lovely character above using mostly basic shapes and curved lines. You also have the opportunity to use a written version of this lesson as well as a simple video tutorial. Drawing a cool cartoon teacher is quite easy once you are familiar with a few basic tips that are available below. Ready? Let's start with the video tutorial first ...

a few basic steps and you are done!

This cute video includes everything you need to learn how to create this fun teacher quickly and easily. All steps are extremely easy to follow, so if you can draw circles and rectangles, then you can definitely create this beautiful lady within minutes. If you need more assistance, then simply proceed with the written version of this lesson located below. :)

More teacher pictures to help you learn to draw this character ...

First, we need to sketch a simple template before proceeding with the creation of the character. You can draw a large circle to form the head. Pupils are made from smaller oval shapes. Next, the ponytail is represented by an irregular curved line. The shirt and the dress are made from rectangles. You can also use straight lines to draw both arms. Hands are done using circles and the stick of the character is made from a single line.

How to draw a teacher pictures & video

We are now ready to draw the character using all gray shapes created in the previous step. Curved lines are needed to illustrate the hair and the ponytail of the cartoon teacher. More lines are used for the nose and the mouth. Broken lines are also needed to represent the arms and the original posture of the character. 

How to draw a teacher pictures & video

Once you are done, you can erase all lines that were used to create the gray template. All blue lines in the previous step are now black ... as they should be! This is the final version of the character. Now, we need to add colors inside this illustration to give it more depth, more personality. :)

How to draw a teacher pictures & video

For this illustration, I have selected a bright yellow color for the hair. Two different orange colors are used for the shirt and the dress. The pupils and the rubber band are colored in blue. Finally, a dark brown color is used for the stick. Good work! This character is pretty amazing! :)

How to draw a teacher pictures & video

Here you go! A cute character drawn in four easy steps!

Below you can see all steps needed to illustrate this character properly. Of course, you can draw more teacher pictures using various postures, colors, accessories, styles or techniques. As long as you are drawing and having fun, then it should be fine! Practicing is the key and hopefully you had fun working with this adorable character on HTDFC.

How to draw a teacher pictures & video

Now that we are done with this cute teacher, you can try more lessons on this site related to the wonderful world of education. Enjoy these additional resources!

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