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how to draw a tank cartoon using solid shapes

How to draw a tank cartoon

Work with a beautiful tank cartoon drawn with basic shapes, rich colors and filled with simple digital effects! Drawing such a technical subject can be intimidating. Fortunately, it can easily be done by following all eight simple steps available below. If you have the opportunity to use a vector application to create this illustration, then it will be even easier to end up with an appealing result. Ready? Let's proceed with the first step now ...

step 1 - Drawing the main parts using basic shapes

In this first step, our goal is to sketch most elements that are needed to form a tank. Things like the body of the cartoon tank, the main gun and the turret must be drawn using shapes that are precise and made from straight and (a few) curved lines. As you can see below, the view selected is not quite a side one. A little perspective needs to be added to the picture.

How to draw a tank cartoon

step 2 - drawing more important parts to create our tank cartoon

In this second step, you can draw more shapes that are needed to represent the wheels, the antenna, the hatch and another armored shield located near the bottom of the main gun. As you can see below, one more circle is drawn behind each wheel to create depth and keep the illusion of perspective.

How to draw a tank cartoon

step 3 - adding details to complete the drawing part of the lesson

In this third step, you can now draw more details inside the machine to add more realism. For instance, you can draw several lines to form the tracks, draw several circles on the wheels to create more depth and complete the main gun by sketching a long and thin oval shape near the end of the cannon. 

Of course, a large beautiful star is also needed on the turret of the tank cartoon.

How to draw a tank cartoon

step 4 - filling this image with plain colors

This cartoon tank would not be appealing without beautiful plain colors applied all over it. The most obvious color to use is green. Notice how different variation of one simple green color is added to the drawing to increase the impression of volume. Only the star is filled with a different color (yellow).

How to draw a tank cartoon

step 5 - color gradients to make this illustration more realistic

Adding color gradients to this object is a good idea if you want to add more depth and volume to your work. As you can see below, parts like the main gun, the turret and the wheels are all darker on the bottom and brighter on top. Even if only one color is used on the object (green), there is enough contrast to make the whole picture easy to read.

How to draw a tank cartoon

step 6 - a few shadows to put emphasis on two distinct areas

One large shadow (also shaped like a star) can be added behind the star located on the turret. This new shadow is darker on the bottom and almost invisible on top. You can also draw the tracks near the wheels using dark shapes that are partially transparent on top. Excellent! One last step and this tank cartoon is completed!

How to draw a tank cartoon

step 7 - Metal must look like metal!

Metal can be shiny ... really shiny! Adding highlights and reflections all over this vehicle is a pretty good idea. All these new shapes are colored in white and mostly invisible near the bottom. You can see the final result in the next step.

How to draw a tank cartoon

a beautiful tank that is not so difficult to achieved

Once all highlights and reflections are added, you should end up with something like this. Don't be fooled by the apparent complexity of this vehicle. You can draw this one if you study all steps carefully and draw all shapes using the perfect tools. You might not end with a result that is 100% similar, but your goal is to draw a nice tank cartoon that is appealing and fun to look at.

How to draw a tank cartoon

You can see all steps needed to draw this great machine below. Feel free to try new shapes, play with colors, textures or proportions. This version is 100% fictional. Don't hesitate to try new things and unleash your creativity. Practicing very often is also another tip that you should try.

How to draw a tank cartoon

Now that this lesson on how to draw a tank is completed, you might want to try more vehicles and illustrations related to the army below. Have fun with these additional resources! :)

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