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How to draw a sunshine clipart with a beautiful smile

How To Draw A Sunshine Clipart

In this lesson, I will show you how to draw a sunshine clipart filled with fun digital effects. You will learn how to turn a simple illustration made from a few basic shapes and lines into a more complex result. Indeed, a nice and appealing cartoon image can be made from simple shapes. No need to use complex patterns to end up with cute pictures. This subject is a perfect example ...

drawing a few basic shapes to begin with

First, you can draw a large circular shape to form the main area of the sun. A second circle (slightly smaller) can also be drawn inside the first shape. Next, add a few sunbeams using irregular lines. Notice how all shapes and lines are far from being perfect. These imperfections are also contributing to the appeal of this illustration.

How To Draw A Sunshine Clipart

drawing a few more things

Inside the cartoon sunshine, draw two dots to form the eyes and a line to create the mouth. Around the sunbeams, draw a large shape made from curved lines as shown in the illustration below.

How To Draw A Sunshine Clipart

adding plain colors

Yes, we are already done drawing this cute image. It's now time to add colors and create basic effects inside this unusual cartoon character. First, let's make the sun yellow and all sunbeams orange. The exterior shape of the sun can be darker, just like the eyes and mouth.

How To Draw A Sunshine Clipart

adding gradient colors to the sunshine clipart

The simplest thing we can do to create some depth and volume is to add gradient colors inside the sunshine clipart. This technique is quite simple. Our goal is to add a second color inside each shape so that the bottom of the shape can be darker than the top.

This is the technique used on all sunbeams below. Inside the sun, a second color is also added. However, instead of using a linear effect, the gradient colors are added using a circular pattern. That's why the portion near the left eye seems brighter than the rest of the illustration.

How To Draw A Sunshine Clipart

simple effects to complete this tutorial

Two simple things we can do to make this image even more appealing is adding a shadow and a reflection. Below, you can see a dark shape (blue outline) and a brighter one (pink outline) added on the sun. Both of these shapes are partially transparent to create a basic effect.

How To Draw A Sunshine Clipart

nice work drawing this cute illustration

Below you can see the final result once the outlines from both new shapes are removed. I personally enjoy a simple illustration like the one seen below that is filled with more complex effects. The mix of a simple design coupled with complex shadows and patterns is quite interesting.

How To Draw A Sunshine Clipart

Below you can see all six steps required to draw this sun grouped into a single illustration. Don't hesitate to create your own version using various shapes, effects and colors. More suns are available to draw on this site. You can try a very simple version filled with plain colors. If you prefer to draw something more original, then this sun with huge sunbeams is also a good option. Finally, a cool sun wearing ... sunglasses is also available.

How To Draw A Sunshine Clipart

You can also learn how to draw fun planets and other cool images related to space. Have fun with these additional resources and just keep drawing as often as possible. :)

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