how to draw the sun pictures & video

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a sun picture using both a written lesson and a video version. I will show you how to come up with a cute and adorable character (yes, the sun can be a fun character too, not just a star) that is mostly made from basic shapes and filled with plain colors. This tutorial is perfect for summertime ... or if you are stuck in the middle of winter and need more joy into your life! Ready? Let's proceed with the video version first ...

How to draw the sun pictures & video

A few minutes and we are done!

The video lesson found below is quite short and straight to the point. The character is made from a large oval shapes and several small triangles. Adding bright colors is also important to make this illustration more enjoyable. If you prefer to read more about this tutorial, simply proceed with the steps found below the video.

Ready? Let's draw a beautiful sun picture quickly and easily!

First, we need to create a simple sketch using a pencil and thin lines. The body of the sun (which is also the head!) is created from a large circle. Two small oval shapes are used to form the eyes. A long curved line can be added to illustrate the mouth of the star. Finally, twelve small triangles are drawn all around the circle as shown in the illustration below.

How to draw the sun pictures & video

Now that we have a template to work with, we can draw the real lines using a thick marker to give more personality to the drawing. These lines are shown in blue below, but they must be black once this step is completed. Simply trace over all shapes created earlier to come up with this cute cartoon character.

How to draw the sun pictures & video

Great! Once all lines are black and the template is removed, it should look like the sun picture below. Only one thing is missing: colors! This is a very important step if we want to bring the character to life!

How to draw the sun pictures & video

For this illustration, only two plain colors are used. The body and head of the sun are drawn in yellow. The eyes and the sunbeam are filled with a saturated orange color. That's it for this cartoon sun! No need to add more colors!

How to draw the sun pictures & video

a cool image that everyone will love!

Below you can see all four steps required to illustrate this character properly. Feel free to experiment using various shapes, colors and facial expressions. Drawing the sun can be a fun activity even if the subject seems pretty simple at first ... just be creative! ;)

How to draw the sun pictures & video

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