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How to draw a sun clipart filled with hot colors

How to draw a sun clipart

In this tutorial, you will learn to draw a sun clipart using basic tips to make this one visually more enjoyable and appealing. Drawing this well-known star might not be the biggest challenge for an artist, but creating a cute version using only basic elements is still a good exercise.

For this lesson, I will only use solid shapes filled with plain colors. No gradient fills nor transparency will be used. My goal is to make this tutorial as simple as possible while still achieving great digital effects to enhance the character as much as possible.

A nice circles surrounded by several thin triangles

First, you need to draw a nice circle to form the main shape of the subject. This shape doesn't need to be perfect. As you can see below, the top of the circle looks slightly narrower. When you are done, you can draw several sunbeams using long and thin triangles. It's important to use a multitude of length for the sunbeams to create a more dynamic illustration. Using the same length can create something boring and unappealing.

How to draw a sun clipart

Drawing a nice facial expression

This step is the easiest one to achieved. Simply draw two short oval shapes to represent the eyes and sketch a long curved line below to form the mouth. Notice how all lines so far are pointed on both ends. Once again, this little tip can make the character more dynamic and less predictable.

How to draw a sun clipart

A few plain colors to make this sun more exciting!

It's now time to add colors inside this sun clipart. Like I said earlier, I only use plain colors for this step. Of course, the sun if usually represented using orange and yellow colors. In this case, only the main shape (the large circle) is filled with a bright yellow color. Sunbeams and the pupils are filled in orange. 

How to draw a sun clipart

simple effects to create a more memorable drawing

Inside the character, you can add simple digital effects to make this one more appealing. Not only can we add a few basic shadows to create depth, but we can also draw a few bright shapes to illustrate a few reflections.

For the shadows, you can draw a long solid shape on the left side of the body of the subject. More small shadows are added behind the eyes and inside the pupils. A single line is also drawn below the mouth. For the reflections, a large oval shape is created on the forehead of the cartoon sun. Small shapes are also added on top of the pupils.

How to draw a sun clipart

Have fun drawing more versions of this fun cartoon character!

Looking for more versions of the sun to create? You can start by trying this very simple version available with both a video and a written version of the lesson. Another more complex illustration is featuring the sun filled with gorgeous digital effects. You can also try a nice sunrise and work on a beautiful background. 

How to draw a sun clipart

Have fun sketching more illustrations like this one below and don't forget to practice ... and practice again. That's the key to success! :)

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