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How to draw a sun clip art with cool glasses

How to draw a sun clip art

Learn how to draw a bright sun clip art wearing cool sunglasses and drawn with basic shapes and digital effects. If you are able to use a vector application and use all basic tools from this one, then illustrating this adorable cartoon sun should be relatively easy to complete. Ready? Let's start with the first step now ...

step 1 - Using circles and triangles to create our sun

First, you can draw the sun using two large circles that are almost identical in sizes. Indeed, one of them must be slightly larger than the other. Then, add sunbeams all around the subject using long and pointed triangles. That's it for this first step!

How to draw a sun clip art

step 2 - working on a simple facial expression

Inside this sun clip art, add sunglasses using two curved lines. Join both shapes using a tiny line. The mouth is made from two more curved lines that are thick and pointed on both ends. We are already done drawing the character. It's now time to add some digital effects!

How to draw a sun clip art

step 3 - plain colors to begin with

You can now add plain colors inside this drawing. The background can be brown, the sun must be yellow and every sunbeam can be filled with a subtle orange color. The circle located around the body of the sun as well as the mouth are filled with a dark orange color. Sunglasses can be black.

How to draw a sun clip art

step 4 - color gradients to create more volume

One simple technique to create more depth inside a vector illustration is to use color gradients. As you can see below, the bottom of the sun is darker than the top. Every little sunbeam must also be darker near the middle of the subject. Notice how the background is also filled with color gradients.

How to draw a sun clip art

step 5 - adding shadows to create more depth

In this step, you can draw more shapes to create darker shadows on areas like below the eyes, on the bottom of the sun and on each sunbeam. In the drawing below, these new shapes are filled with solid colors. 

However, to achieve this effect properly, you need to play with the opacity of all shadows to end up with a subtle result. You can see how these new shadows should look like in the next step.

How to draw a sun clip art

step 6 - Time to add brighter elements!

Shadows are great, but highlights and reflections are also important to create more volume. First, you can draw a large yellow circle behind the sun. This one should be invisible near the edges, but solid near the middle.

You can also draw a large white circle on the sun and hide the bottom part of this new shape. Use the same technique on the sunglasses. 

How to draw a sun clip art

A Cool sun clip art filled with nice effects!

Here you go! This funny sun clip art is now completed! As you can see, drawing a beautiful digital sun using simple effects is not a very difficult task. Anyone can do it once you are familiar with all tools from your application.

How to draw a sun clip art

All steps. One illustration!

Below you can see all steps needed to draw this sun quickly and effectively. Now that you know how to create a simple subject like this one, feel free to draw more planets or various suns using the same tips and techniques. Don't hesitate to play with colors, shapes or even add more accessories.

How to draw a sun clip art

Now that we are done with this cool sun, you can learn to draw more adorable images related to space below. Have fun and don't forget to practice as often as possible. :)

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